Monday, May 14, 2018

She's Back in Black and White

Welcome again friends!

Today is the last installment of dolls that I bought from a local seller. 

Both we have today are tributes to the girl who started it all.

First we have the "Then and Now 1959-2009 Bathing Suit Barbie."

And our favorite original girl is pictured up top.

She is a cutie! I love how they gave her the same side glance as the original doll. She also has those splashes of hot pink that really go well with the black and white.

Her bathing suit is a cute two piece with lots of sparkle! I love the bottoms. I thought about getting bathing suit bottoms like that once. Cute on a teen, not so much on a 30 year old. :)

She also has a hot pink bracelet and cell phone and a paperboard beach bag. Notice the picture on the phone?

And I love the sides of the box. Then...

...and now!

The back of the box. Celebrating Barbie! Love it.

Now, here is another doll that I was very interested in and had to have. I guess I should say dollS. Because there are two!

The She Said Yes Ken and Barbie two pack! I posted about this a long time ago. You can read about it here! This doll set was only $5 and I was disappointed that I was out of the doll scene and didn't get it. Now I have one!

And....the box is friendly! Boxed but deboxed photos!

I like this Barbie face. She has the side glance like the original Barbie but has a sweeter more juvenile face than the Then and Now doll shown above.

I love her swimsuit. Another modern twist on the original. And she comes with pink flip flops.

This Ken is absolutely adorable. Real hair is SO nice and that kiss on the cheek is absolutely adorable! His hair is "holiday Barbie hard."

He has a gradient print swim shorts and wears a watch. And him and Barbie are holding hands!

His sandals have a printed "Ken" on the bottom. Not sure why there was not "Barbie" printed on hers.

On the back there are pictures of Barbie and Ken then and now. 

I love this little disclaimer that they put on the side."Dolls shown here are not available for purchase." Why not? It would be awesome if they did! I like the looks of that Ken too. He's not too Justin Bieber-ish.

So friends, are these awesome dolls in your collection? Do you love the Ken as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for the goodies that I got for now! I have some that my dad got me so those will be forthcoming. Until then!

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