Friday, December 20, 2013

As perfect as new fallen snow - Crystal Splendor Barbie

Merry Christmas!

Well, not yet but close!

This time of year has been hectic and especially for me this year. Lots of good (and unfortunately bad) things going on so my time on this blog has been scarce as of late. So no new updates of my Benny doll, but I do have a doll from my personal collection I would like to share.

We just had a lot of snow fall here the last couple of weeks. Then add in sub-zero temperatures and it kind of stuck around. Luckily it was on the weekend so I didn't have to drive anywhere. It's all melted off now, except another dusting came this morning. Every time I think of, or we have snow, I think of this pretty doll.

My mom got me this doll for my birthday last year I believe. She is the Special Edition Crystal Splendor Barbie. She is dressed all in white and silver, just like snow. She sparkles and shimmers...again, just like snow. She is one of my favorites. And don't you just love the bell sleeves?

And as always, I love dolls with the typical 90's head mold. The ones I grew up with.

I'm dying though. Her box is not friendly. It does not allow me to take her out, fix her head and collar and put her back in. It's been killing me so I try not to look at her that much when I go into my office. But regardless she is one of the prettiest dolls I have.

Here is a picture of the back of her box. It reads "Barbie looks dazzling in a gown that shines with beauty and elegance!"

Okay, now I REALLY want to take her out of the box! Fluff her dress, fix her hair, etc. :)

So friends, do you have Crystal Splendor Barbie? What do you think of her?

This may be my last post before the end of the year. Things are just a little crazy right now so the new post may be after January 1.

To everyone, have a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Ho Ho Ho, and Happy Holidays! Spend time with family and loved ones, be safe in your travels, enjoy and find time to relax! :)

Love, Teresa


Andrea said...

I love her dress. It's perfect for a holiday ball.

I can relate to wanting to fix her head positioning and collar. I wish M had some kind of quality control, that checks the appearance of the dolls before they seal the boxes.

Have a perfectly Merry Christmas, Teresa. I hope the holiday cheer will make the bad things disappear a little.

Hugs, Andrea

Forestminuet said...

Thanks Andrea. I had a great Christmas. :)

I too wish they had QC on some of this stuff. If anything, just for the special edition dolls.

I got a doll for Christmas. I can't wait to show you. If nothing else, for the dress alone. I'm sure you will know who she is. :) It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You have far more self-control than me, that box would have been open months ago if she was with me :)

Hope you are still having a great holiday season. Best wishes to you and yours x