Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Treasure #2


Today I am going to show you another treasure I got for Christmas.

I don't know how you all are regarding "in the box" or "out of the box" but with fashions, for me, they are always out of the box. When I got this I exclaimed "I can't wait to get this on a doll!" And my mom said "I knew you would say that" :) She knows me too well.

But how cute is this? We see a lot of Bride Barbie's with short sleeves or strapless gowns but (for me anyway) I have not come across a whole ton of winter bride fashions.

The snowflake? So cute!

So now the challenge is which doll to put it on? I have a bride doll but she is the newer body type. Fashion Avenue is definitely made for the old body type so I had to choose one from the doll box.

Here she is!

The most beautiful Sweet Roses PJ!

I do have her original outfit so I might switch her out someday but for now, she will be the most perfect winter bride ever!

Poor PJ has a broken neck but that did not deter me from giving her the hair treatment she most desperately needed. Those curls don't do well under neglect! However my hubby did make some kind of comment about their being a doll head sans body on the bathroom counter. :)

We also got a new camera for Christmas so this was the perfect time to give it a whirl with my doll photos. Here is PJ all ready for her photo shoot!

She is so pretty. The crushed velvet skirt is perfect!

The outfit is MUCH better out of the box, don't you think? I do have to say this was a challenge to get on the doll. The sleeves wrapped in faux fur made a tight fit for the hands. Her thumb kept getting caught. Then while I was fiddling with getting her hands in the dress, the velcro on the top got stuck to the satin and snagged it a little. (grumble) This definitely is a "leave it on the doll" type of dress.

But again, the snowflake is so adorable on this dress!

Dolls with broken necks are so hard to position. I had to fix the head so it looked like she had a neck while not displaying the cracks. I think it turned out okay! Besides, who can't fall in love with the Steffie mold PJ dolls?

The bouquet also has that adorable snowflake.

I love when shoes have a little detail. For a bride doll I would hope they would! A cute bow adds well to the overall elegance.

The veil needed a little fixing. It was hard to get it to stay on the head and then after being in a box all these years, it kind of stuck out at an odd angle. She sat on my desk for a couple of days so the tulle could mold to her head. Looks okay now!

I just love her in this dress. So so pretty.

And the pictures definitely turned out better too, do you think so?

Any of you have this outfit? Which doll did you put it on? Share comments and/or pics in the comments section!

My next couple of posts will feature snowflake dolls and maybe, just maybe, might have another bride doll. ;)

Until next time!


Andrea said...

You did a good Job on PJ. The dress makes her a very lovely winter bride.

You are right about the rarity of bridal outfits for winter. So far I managed to add three of them to my collection, including this one. The other two are mod era fashions.

Long sleeves can be a pita to get on dolls, it can be totally nerve wrecking on the splayed fingers of modern Barbie hands. But there is neat trick: take a narrow plastic bag and slip it over the dolls arm, dress the doll and pull off the bag. If you have one of those little vacuum-bagging appliances, you can make very narrow bags for arms or legs. Yes, legs as well. Ever tried to get narrow pants on rubber legs? The bag trick works here as well.

Forestminuet said...

Andrea, do you have pics? I would love to see the mod era fashions!!!

The bag trick, genius! Legs are the worst. I remember trying to get the pants from Secret Spells Barbie and the "Funky in Philly" FA on a doll. Ugh! I am so going to try this. Thanks!!

Kaitlyn said...

I think that dress looks darling on that doll! You did a great job with that! My favourite part of the entire thing are the snowflakes! They add a great deal of winter simplicity to the dress. Beautiful!

Those snowflakes have been very popular on gowns for dolls. You can find them in numerous amounts of colours. I have two dolls with snowflakes like those. One doll is the 'Two Thousand Special Edition Holiday Barbie' which has silver snowflakes and the 'Nineteen Ninety-Six Special Edition Happy Holidays Barbie' which has one gold snowflake on her hat.

I just picked up the ninety-six holiday Barbie today actually at Goodwill. My mum had found her in the pile of toys. She is missing her muff for her hands and her shoes (if there were any.) I just think she is beautiful and can't take my eyes off of her! The snowflake again is my favourite part of the outfit.

I think the pictures turned out great! I will definitely take Andrea's advice about using the bag. I have so much trouble with that as well. Thank you both for your help and inspiration! I can't be more grateful! :)

Forestminuet said...

Thank you very much! :)

I too love snowflakes...and stars. Which is why Superstar Barbie is one of my all time favorite dolls.

Congrats on finding that doll! Definitely needed a good home, such a pretty doll. I wrote a post about her here

And also a post about the 2000 Special Edition Celebration Barbie.

Both do have the cuteness of the snowflakes! You'll also just LOVE the snowflakes on this doll :)

Andrea said...

I'm in the process of reorganizing my doll room. What madness made me start that task again? It totally escapes me in the middle of the chaos I created so far. As you might have guessed already, both dresses are on dolls in one of my cabinets. Yes, the one where most of the boxes are stacked up in front. So I can't take new pics right now, but I have one of 1969 Winter Wedding # 1880 that was taken after I found it on a fleamarket. It originally had a off whte color, but most of these turned dark ivory over the years. I would try to clean it, if I knew for sure it wouldn't destroy the fabric or the fur.

The other one is 1971 Bridal Brocade # 3417, which is one of my childhood treasures. Whenever someone asked me, what I wanted for my birthday, the answe was Bridal Bouquet. I's a wonder I didn't receive duplicates. You can see it here:

barbielea said...

I absolutely love that doll, I have a version but she needs a reroot, and I don't know when I'll get round to it ... she looks great in that dress! I have a Fashion Avenue jumper that is white velvet with snowflakes, I wonder if they did a series with this theme then?

Forestminuet said...

Andrea, those are AMAZING dresses!! I especially love the last one you posted. So pretty. I need to find some more mod era fashions. They are just so cool. :) But I know what you mean by the doll room reorganization. I don't know why but I've been itching to redo mine as well :)

Barbielea - Thank you very much! I would love to see your reroot when you get it finished. Thinking of going with the same style or changing her up a bit?

The winter jumper would be so cute! I'll have to search for it. I wonder if anyone knows if they did a "winter" FA theme. I should search and see. :)

barbiebeauties said...

I can't decide ... She's had quite a severe haircut and at first I was going to reroot her in fantasy pink and red to go with the rose theme (and because I'll never be able to afford a Tarina Tarantino :)) but her dark blonde colour is so nice and unusual, I'm thinking of keeping it (I might just add one little pink streak, as an "I was here" ... I'll see)

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa!

I recently found your blog and have been reading the archives and haven't quite finished them all yet so I don't know if my hint for getting clothes on rubber leg Barbies has been mentioned. Pour a small amount of baby powder or any kind of talcum powder in your palm and with the fingers of your other hand, smooth the powder around a bit. Then with both hands, rub the powder all over Barbie's legs. The powder takes away the 'stickiness' of the rubber and does not damage the doll. It will make the legs just a shade lighter depending on how much you use but it will eventually wear off so there won't be any lasting effects.

Love your blog and enjoy seeing what you find at the thrift stores and the info readers are able to contribute.

Teresa F.

Teresa Brown said...

Welcome Teresa! (By the way, you spell your name correctly, haha, I'm a Teresa too!)

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I don't have any powder handy but I'm thinking of picking up some just for that purpose. I have another doll with a case of the "sticky old vinyl" legs so I need to fix her up soon.

Again thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave comments even on really old posts. I do reply to every one! :)