Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Christmas Treasures #5

Here they are. The last two Christmas treasures I got.

These dolls are really dressed for spring and summer. Considering we got dumped on with over 2 feet of snow over the weekend, taking a look at these dolls gives me a mind boost.

The lovely dressed for spring, Pretty in Plaid Barbie.

She has the sweetest face. I love ponytail Barbies.

And we have this beautiful doll dressed and ready for summer fun!

Pearl Beach Barbie. Again, another sweet face. I love the "pearls" on the suit!

But take a look at her suit. Then at the back of the box. 

Mattel did another switch-a-roo. Kira is wearing the suit that Barbie has on. I actually like Kira's suit better than the one Barbie has on in this picture. Does anyone have the Kira? Is she indeed wearing the same style but in pink? In all honesty, I think I like Christie's suit the best! :)

So these are the last two that I had under my Christmas tree. I do have one other surprise to show but that will have to wait until next time!

I would also like to announce that I am almost finished with the beach ball painting project! I can't wait to show you. I think it is coming along together pretty good!

Until then!


Andrea said...

They are very lovely. I love the Pretty in Plaid Barbie, she was the first playline Barbie with the Mackie mold, if I remember correctly.

I love the pearl details on the Pearl Beach outfits. Unfortunately the pearl bands rarely survived active play. I only have Christie, Teresa and Teen Skipper. Marina seems to be one of the rarer beach dolls. I don't go for Barbie's bikini from the box back either. The earrings look differnt too. Looks like they used prototype dolls. I wonder why they excluded Skipper from that picture.

Teresa Brown said...

That's what's so sweet about her! The Mackie molds have very sweet faces. I love her too. I actually have a copy of the dress. I wasn't sure I really liked it but now that I see it on the actual doll, it's very cute and fits her well.

Oh, there is a Skipper and Marina? Wow, now I wonder why they didn't feature the entire line on the back. I'll have to check out the two!

Andrea said...

My fault, I always forget that not everyone knows, that Kira is called Marina in Europe. So they just left Skipper out in the pic.

Anonymous said...

The only Pearl Beach doll I have is Theresa, who has a really beautiful face. I like the swimsuits on these dolls (although mine didn't come with hers) but I am afraid I never liked big earrings on dolls, even from being a child. So I took my Theresa's out ... I felt a bit guilty about it, but I much prefer her without them.

I love that Pretty in Plaid, isn't there a Brunette version too? I think she has the nicest face painting, I love her roundish eyes (usually Mackies look all sophisticated with elongated eyes, so its nice to have a change I think).