Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Loot #2

My dolls always were sophisticated when I played with them when I was little. Most of the time they were at the ball or gala dancing the night away. But sometimes they had a pool or slumber party, you know, good girl times. But never did I make them act 'ditzy' or clueless like some portray blonde's to be. :)

I'm glad that Barbie never had that aura about her. With all those careers, how could she? She has to have a good head on her shoulders to hold that many occupations. I was excited to find this wrapped up under the Christmas tree. Barbie as President! (I found other President dolls from 1991 and 2000. Thanks Andrea for the update! I thought this was Barbie's first presidency.)

One reason that I mentioned the 'clueless' or 'ditzy' was because of the comment on the front of the box. "She stands on her own (literally)". Not only did Mattel want to make sure that this doll would not be falling over in heels, they also wanted to make it a point that Barbie (or any other female) could be president one day if they set their mind to it. That is the reason of The White House Project listed on the front of the box. This is an organization that encourages women to enter careers in politics and business. I do think that it's a great area to be involved in especially for girls.

But I do love the way that she stands, don't you? Only problem is you can't change her shoes. Boo! But it's okay for this purpose.

She does have more of a subdued look. Not a lot of makeup, perfect for a girl in the politics industry.

I love her. A lot. The back of the box also talks about how you can get involved and be an insider of the "B Party." It also talks a little about Chris Benz, the designer of this doll.

The website is still up! Go check it out, it's a fun colorful site. :) NOTE: as of 1/3/18 the site has been removed.

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Andrea said...

She is cute and I think it is a great idea to make girls reach out for top positions. It's cool she can stand on her own. When I was a little girl I always tried to balance out my Barbies so they could stand on their own, lol. Quite a patience training, then.

Did you know that the first Barbie for President doll came out in 1991 as a TRU exclusive doll?

Forestminuet said...

You know what's funny? I walked into my office and saw about 4 dolls all toppled over on each other on my shelf. So hard to make them stand in heels even when they are leaning against something! What a great idea to make her stand on her own. (I also positioned my Dance Moves Barbie to stand on her own since she has flat feet.)

I did not know about the First Barbie for President doll! I just checked it out, what a great set. Patriotic dress with a professional business suit. Very cute!