Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happily Ever After part 6

Hello Friends!

Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Independence Day weekend! I really needed a three day weekend. Work has been so busy that I needed a long break to relax and unwind. The hubby and I went to a concert, watched the city fireworks display and went to a beautiful place in my homestate called "Crater Lake." It's one of my most favorite places of all time with some of the bluest water you will find anywhere in the world. 

You know what else is this color of blue? A piece of clothing on my newest Ever After High doll. 

I present to you...

Dexter Charming!! (with the Crater Lake blue jacket!)

Now how I got him was completely too good to be true. He is not in stores yet in my area but you heard before in my Raven post how I desperately wanted him! I went to where he was listed for $21.99. A little more than I like to spend but for the newest of the new dolls, I wasn't going to complain. (I don't like paying around $7 for shipping though. Ugh, hate shipping fees!) However after one day, he sold out. Then I looked on where he was listed for as high as $80! Nooooo thank you! I can wait....

I went onto Amazon the next day just for kicks and grins. Amazon had him for $21.99! And if you spend $35, you get free shipping. So I threw in another EAH doll and in two days, I had my hands on Dexter. Squee!

So, onto this cutie-pie!

Some pictures I've seen of Dexter show him in the box wearing his glasses and without. Mine is without. He's holding his glasses which I think is so cute!

Inside the box it says "Charmed at first sight." He is simply charming! 

Unfortunately, I have a couple "irks" about him.

Dexter is another doll that has gelled hair. Not "Holiday Barbie hard" like Hunter and Poppy, but still gelled. He has PERFECT hair. Take a look at him from the webisodes.
NOT perfect hair. So there's that. 

And his hair is so gelled you can't get his glasses to stay on!

So for review purposes, he will have crooked glasses.

He does not come with a comb (probably because his crown is tagged to his head) so his only accessory is his Ever After High backpack.

His outfit is very true to the webisode character and has a little crest on the lapel of his jacket.

There is also a wallet chain hanging from the top of his pants. Marked with a "C" for Charming!

And his under shirt is marked with the same logo! 

His jacket is longer in the back which gives an aura of royalty while jeans and sneakers still remark that he's a high school kid. 


Dexter wears simple Converse Chuck Taylor-esque sneakers. And it's cute to have his jeans sitting on top of the shoe rather than being pushed down inside. (Unfortunately for this photo, it appears to be pushed inside...)

With glasses off he makes girls swoon (Especially Cupid.) It's funny to watch it in the webisodes!

Now, I had WAY too much fun with Dexter after I removed him from the box. Of course, if you're a Dexter/Raven fan, you'll appreciate these pics!


This one is my fav.

Because of their angle (and the way I had to get them to stand) it appears that Raven has to stand on her tip-toes to reach to hug him.

If you like the Dexter/Raven story you will LOVE the story in his bookmark. It's so sweet. I had to read it twice and many times I was "Aww, so cute!" :)

But I wasn't ready to put Dexter on the shelf just yet. SOMETHING had to be done about his hair!

So I washed it. :)

At first I just brushed through it thinking the residual gel would allow his hair to stand up and be messy but no dice. The part kept pushing it down to the side. 

So I washed it and then while wet, held a pen around it to give it some kind of a curl. 

*GASP!* Scissors???

Introducing...the new and improved....Dexter Charming!

First, I took some gel and twirled his top hair in fast short twists between my fingers to get it to texture. It worked but it was way too long. So I cut it. Friends, I have never EVER cut a dolls hair before. Well, I did once and that was so a bad haircut would fit under a wig. But never to just leave the doll out in the open! And I did it with a brand new EAH doll! I feel proud. :)

I also wrapped his scarf around a third time to get it more like Dexter's picture that I showed above. And I can get the arms of his glasses in his hair so they are on straight.

Well, what do you think of Dexter Charming? Planning on getting him as soon as you can like I did? :) Do you approve of his new hair-do? Anything I could have done better to achieve the look I wanted? Let me know in the comments!

As I mentioned above, I had to buy another doll to get free shipping at Amazon. Who will she be? I'll post her up as soon as I get her, should be in a few days!

Until next time!


Abdrea said...

Yay, you sure decterized him, great job. Mattels gel-job does not make him look like Dexter. Chapeau for your courage with the scissors.

Just two words:"Me wants!"

I love the pics with Raven, so sweet.

That Lake is breathtaking.

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Andrea! It was fun to finally get him looking more like Dexter!

I think I might do another Dex/Raven photo shoot. They are just too too cute!

Anonymous said...

I really like this doll and have been thinking about getting him myself. He reminds me of Jackson, my favourite Manster from MH. How annoying that his glasses don't sit right because of his hair! Nice job putting it right, he looks much better afterwards.

I love his little trainer boots too!

Teresa Brown said...

His boots are so cute. I love his glasses the best! I am quite pleased with his hair makeover. I was very disappointed to see that he came with perfect, gelled, smashed down under his crown hair. Boo!

You should get him, you and Andrea both. (I'm horrible aren't I????) :)

Anonymous said...

the comb is inside the box (you must open it ;))

Teresa Brown said...

Hi there! Nope, this doll did not come with a comb. The box was completely apart. Either they didn't send one with mine or they didn't include one with all Dexters. Strange huh since Hunter had one.....