Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happily Ever After Part 8



I caved. 

See what happens when the hubby is gone for an evening? I go shopping..... :)

Meet the latest addition to my Ever After High collection.

Cedar Wood!

I've been waiting to get Cedar for a while because her price never really dropped that much. I read online that there are quite a few people who still can't find her in stores. Online she is priced at $21.99 but at Target they have all their Ever After High dolls for $19.99 so I picked her up. 

Cedar is really one of the cutest. She has the cupid lip design, earrings that look like tree rings and a little green grasshopper in her hair. 

Her outfit is a great take on her fathers. A collar and ruffled sleeves add to the cuteness of it. 

Cedar also has a butterfly ring and a charm bracelet that has animal charms separated by leaves. 

I think what makes Cedar truly unique is her skin. They really designed it to look like wood and Mattel did a fabulous job. 

She has detail from her head to toes. Even her face has some of that detail too!

I love her knee high socks with the ribbons on the side. I've heard of some Cedar dolls that have mismatched height on the socks. This was the last Cedar that Target had and I am glad to say that hers were the same length!


Cedar wears some adorable sandals with a chunky heel that looks like a forest floor. So perfect for her. 

She also comes with a purse that does open and close (however there is not enough room inside to store any goodies. 

I was surprised to find out her hair is lightly gelled (most likely to keep the curls intact). I had to do a little fluffing up since the hair tends to get smashed in the back. But I think her hair is just beautiful. I love the curls!

Friends, what do you think of Cedar? Do you think she makes a nice addition to the Ever After High collection? 

A couple of things I also found at my local Target.

I saw C.A. Cupid and Blondie Lockes of the Thronecoming collection. TO. DIE. FOR. They are very beautiful dolls and I think I will have to have them. ;) I think Cupid is the prettiest one though. With her whisps of hair in front and her gladiator sandals? LOVE!

And answer me this. I saw Apple's Fainting Couch and Ravens Destiny Vanity on clearance for about $11 each. Worth it or not? I'm not really sure if I want any furniture which really makes me wish that Thronecoming Briar didn't come with the playset. Oh well!

Until next time!


Andrea said...

She is a lovely addition, su cute. The wood grain skin is a totally cool detail.

If space is an issue for you, playsets are not the wisest choice. Hey, but if you really, really like them, a few pieces of furniture can turn your EAH shelf into a great display.

Teresa Brown said...

I am so glad whoever designed her put in this much detail. It makes her extra special I think!

I was thinking about the destiny vanity. Maybe I'll pick it up. The fainting couch kind of bugs me because the cushions are plastic not cloth!!

Tosha Jacobs said...

Just a side note, I believe her ring is supposed to be the "Blue Fairy" that granted the wish of making pinnochio a real boy and I would guess the grasshopper is Jiminy Cricket. Just noticed the ring lokked like it has legs. Congrats on the upcoming baby. Love your blog.