Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas Treasures 2014 Post #3

Hi friends!

I'm back! And I feel that life for me has started to slow down just a tad. Holidays are over, all the Christmas decorations are down and put away, and now settling into turning my office into a nursery!

Which means....

The Barbie shelf is going away. SAD!

More sad!

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. In a short couple of years, we will have a new house. Which then I will have my own office. And the hubby said that I could have displayed AS MANY DOLLS AS I WANT TO. Now THAT is exciting! But I'll still have my dolly projects and incredible finds to share with you. I'm not going anywhere! 

I was excited to find this under the tree. She has been on my dolly wish list for FOREVER. 

1988 California Dream Barbie

*squee* I had such a hard time keeping the secret when I shared my last post. Her (and Dance Club Barbie) have been on my wish list and now I finally have her! L.O.V.E.

Ah, the classic 90's face. Her bangs needed a little fix up and they are styled really strange. They are in a ponytail and then flared out. They were a mess in the box so naturally (and since the box was open) she came out and got a little bit of style. And like our friend Glitter Hair Barbie, she has palm tree earrings.

Super cute outfit with a hot bathing suit too! She is so "California"-ish. And she even comes with a little camera. Unfortunately she has "sticky legs" too! I wonder why my Teresa doll doesn't. Maybe because her packaging was immaculate while Midge and Barbie had less-than-stellar packaging that had gotten damaged through the years. 

Barbie comes with her own comic book called "The Treasure Map." It's actually a pretty cute read. 

And look what it has! Still the original record of the song "Living Doll" written just for Barbie by a favorite band of mine, The Beach Boys!

My mom looked at the doll and contents on Christmas and started laughing like crazy when she saw this record. It's not a "real" record. It's just flimsy plastic and she was wondering how a record player could even play it. I'm not sure either but I do have a record player and I'll find out someday. I'm sure you could also search YouTube for the song as well!

So now, I had to get a picture of all three of the girls together.

I love them. And I can't wait to get them off the cardboard and display them with a pool (which I still have yet to get.) And I'm also looking to possibly get the Ken and Christie for the set. I have NEVER had a complete set of one line of dolls. This would be the first and I'm so excited to see what I can come up with!

And then maybe get her too because, well, the socks with the high heels always got me.
Another fun dolly post coming soon. Until then!


Andrea said...

I can imagine how you feel about losing your Barbie shelf for a while. Dolly hugs. At least you can look forward to having your own doll room in the future. I'm sure your little one will keep you entertained with his adventures in growing up.

Wow, now you have already three of the California dolls. I love Barbie's bathing suit. Actually record players can handle these foil records quite well, the sound isn't so great though.

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Andrea. It's a sad time for sure but I am SO looking forward to the Barbie Room. I have never had my holiday dolls displayed so this will be the place to do it. Looking forward to getting a chance to decorate. But yes, for a while it will be baby toys, cars and trucks, and whatever else little boys can get their hands on :)

I wouldn't think that the sound would be great on that record. But I am intrigued to see exactly how bad it sounds, LOL! But what do you expect from a doll that was priced at $12.99? :)