Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas Treasures 2014 Post #1

Greetings and Happy New Year! I had some good things happen in 2014 but more bad things in 2014. The new year is a time for a fresh perspective and outlook and praying that things look up every day. 

I never have New Years Resolutions but I do have one this year! To have a healthy and happy baby. Can't ask for much more than that right? 

Well friends, I did get some Barbie goodies this year for Christmas. These will be in a few posts so we'll get some awesome new cheer after the new year!

And maybe you have a feeling at which doll will be featured first. 

The 2014 Holiday Barbie.

I do have a confession to make. This doll hits stores around (and sometimes way before!) Halloween. I saw her and honestly, I wasn't too impressed. With all the sales of Monster High and Ever After High, Barbie has kind of taken a swan dive. I was discouraged by her cheap looking jewelry and I didn't think she was that pretty. I even went back a month later and looked at her again and thought the same thing. 

Then I opened her up on Christmas. I don't know if my eyes need checked or what but she looked prettier this time around. To me, she just had the sweet Barbie face that I just love and honestly, not disappointed in her at all. 

AND...she has a photo friendly box. So I get boxed but deboxed pictures!

Her hair is not as hard as we've had Holiday Barbie hair in the past but still gelled to keep its cute curls. She has glittery gold eyeshadow and bright ruby red lipstick. Still not impressed with the necklace but it's okay and fits with the neckline. However she doesn't have any earrings! Holiday Barbie just has to have earrings, okay? :)

I do like her dress though. We haven't had a ton of holiday dolls with lace. But I think the red and gold really do the trick. I love the little gold bow at the waist.

Her dress is kind of a taffeta material over gold lace. And her dress is sewn to the box so it was a little bit of a challenge to find out what kind of shoes she comes with. After searching I found them behind the right side of her dress. They are bright red open toe stilettos! Much higher heel than the standard pump we are used to seeing. No bows or embellishments. But I do like the high high heel! (sorry, they were in such an awkward place in the box so I was not able to get a photo.)

I do love dolls with ruby red nail polish though! Just like the original dolls from the 60's.

She does come with the standard doll stand but with a redesign. But really Mattel? Could you have not made the stand a little more fancy? At least with the dolls name on it or something? The Holiday Barbie line is one of the biggest selling lines of all time. 

Excerpt from the back of the box. "This sparkling season shimmers with love and good cheer! During the wondrous time of year, glittering, glamorous parties are always in style. Barbie doll joins the fun dressed in her prettiest red and golden gown. She's delivering festive wishes to you for the happiest holiday ever!"

And while I was searching for this doll on google, I found this picture.
Okay, this is SO me. And me when I was a little girl. I was always excited to open the paper and see the beautiful doll that I got. I'm sure I had the same face every year! (And honestly, sometimes I still do, LOL.)

So everyone, was Holiday Barbie under your tree this year? What do you think of her? Let me know in the comments!

Much more Christmas goodies to come in the following weeks. Stay tuned!


Saturday Sequins said...

The African American version is on my list. She is on clearance at Meyer for 12 dollars, and I'm not sure I can resist. Soooo pretty.

Kaitlyn said...

I had run over to the store after Christmas to pick this doll up as she was marked down. I do love the lace. That part might be the best of this Barbie doll. The African version of this holiday doll was what I had preferred but all of the Walmart stores near me didn't have them. I could have gotten that version online but couldn't resist the price at Walmart. Anyhow, I got the regular and African version of the ornament like that doll and like them a lot. Glad you got her for Christmas. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your new year! :)

Andrea said...

Happy New Year, Teresa!

A healthy baby is a perfect wish. I keep my fingers crossed it becomes true.

Like you, I wasn't too impressed by her this time. She looked a lot like 2012's Holiday Barbie, but of course she was under our tree as well, courtesy of the hubster. Now I'm quite happy with her, except for that chunky necklace.

Anonymous said...

Hi :) I too preferred the AA version of this doll, but yours is very pretty - I love her gold eyeshadow. I know it wasn't popular with some other collectors (who thought it was too simple) but I love the cut of that dress, it's beautiful. I don't usually buy holiday Barbies but I was tempted this year :)

Teresa Brown said...

Saturday Sequins - At $12, that is a very tempting price, especially for the AA doll. I'm not sure I could resist either!

Kaitlyn - There were no AA of this doll at either my Walmart or Fred Meyer. Not sure why! I didn't even see the brunette doll. I have always loved the ornaments of the Holiday dolls, glad you got those! Happy New Year to you as well! :)

Andrea - I had a feeling she would be under your tree too :) Yeah, there is just something about the necklace. I think something with a tear drop jewel would have been much better suited. Her dress definitely grew on me though.

Barbie Lea - I can see how high-end collectors would be disappointed but the gold lace and red taffeta really works. I'm not unhappy with it. :) I agree that the AA is the prettiest but as I said above, there was only the blonde dolls in the stores in my area! I've seen her online and she's gorgeous. Did you end up picking her up?