Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Very Special Item for Barbie!


Last time I mentioned that I have a very special item for Barbie. 

I went to my local Fred Meyer (or Kroger depending which side of the country you live on) and they had a super huge sale on MH, EAH, and Barbie stuff. The Lizzie Hearts Spring Unsprung playset was down to $20. Had I been collecting that line I would have snagged it but I'm saving my money for the Way Too Wonderland line. :)

I have a kayak. I love it but unfortunately I have not had a chance to go in a while. (Pregnant last summer, baby this summer...)

I've been dying to get it out again. But while at the Barbie sale, I spotted this item. If I can't go, Barbie sure can!

The "Let's Go Kayak!" playset. At $5, this was not a deal I could pass up! 

She comes with the kayak, paddle, life vest, MP3 player, water bottle, and sunglasses. 

The water bottle is very cute. You put on the decal. It has a charm of the iconic Barbie head!

Here is the MP3 player, life vest and sunglasses. That tiny sticker you put on the MP3 player was a little tricky. But I did okay.

I used the Fashionista from my last post as the kayak model. Don't use a doll that has perfect hair for your kayaker. The life vest got stuck on her head and I had to rotate a little to get it on. 

Now I was a little unsure of the fit of this rubber molded life vest. I do have to say it worked pretty well! It fits good and the tabs on the side do work on keeping it on. 

She's ready to go have some fun!

The kayak opens up and fits the doll just perfectly. 

Here she is, all ready to start her adventure

Fits her good!

There are other "Let's Go" playsets such as Windsurf, Bike, and Jetski. 

Do you have any of these playsets? What do you think of the Kayak? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


BlackKitty said...

Do you think it floats nicely on water? It's a very pretty set!

DJwolf-Addy said...

Too cute!!!

Andrea said...

What a cute set. I haven't seen it in our stores yet. I don't guess it's really floating with a doll in it, or does it?

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks all!

Honestly, I'm not sure it floats on water. I guess I'll have to try it! It's got a wheel on it so I'm guessing not but doesn't hurt to try! It's a super cute set, I'm very happy with it.