Saturday, July 18, 2015

Garage Sale Finds


As promised last time, here are the fabulous finds that my dad picked up for me at some garage sales! I think they're pretty cool and I hope you do as well!

First, Sun Jewel Teresa!

How this Teresa came really hits close to home. For me as a child, when a doll did not have a place in a case, it went back into it's box with all it's accessories. So to get a doll that has her original opened box is really a treasure. And by looking at the back of the box with a picture of the doll, this was not her original outfit. 

Ah, there it is. Anyone know what outfit she is wearing? She also came with her brush and a pair of white sneakers.

Unfortunately she has a dirty nose. I'll have to see if it will come off easily or if I have to bust out the Clearasil cream for this one. But she is so pretty and in really great shape. 

Next we have just randoms. 

A pretty Barbie in a homemade dress. I think it's really cute! Her hair may need a boil dip to tame it. 

Next, a pretty Belle doll who is in major need of a hair makeover. 

I knew who this one was as soon as I grabbed her out of the bag.

Remember all the controversy this one caused quite a few years ago? Because GOD FORBID we teach young girls that tattoos are okay!

I don't know what your take is but how many children go around wearing temporary tattoos? This is nothing different. I absolutely love Butterfly Art Teresa and think she's a beautiful doll. And I'm sure I have a denim skirt somewhere that I can put with her to make her original!

I also have this one NIB. Back in 1998 the dolls were recalled so I think this one might be hot someday. I love her.
How unfortunate. 

This sweet girl is missing a foot! She is a 2010 Sparkle Lights Princess. She is such a cutie, wish she had the other foot!

She still works too!

Guessing by the outfit on this one, she is some kind of horseback rider doll. She has articulated knees.

A fully articulated Raquelle? I can't keep up with the names of the Fashionistas.

An Aurora doll that needs a HUGE makeover! Poor thing.

And lastly, my favorite of the bunch. This absolutely gorgeous Kira doll.

She is just beautiful! Anyone know which one she is or where her dress is from?

And that's all for me today! What do you think of my new finds? Let me know in the comments!

Next time I have a very special item that I picked up for Barbie. Stay tuned!


DJwolf-Addy said...

Nice finds!

Holly said...

I believe that's a Fashionista Clutch Wave 2 Teresa from 2012.

Andrea said...

Great finds! Your Dad is a great doll scout.
Sun Jewel Teresa looks awesome. I hope her nose cleans up easily. I don't have a clue on her outfit though.

The Mackie faced Barbie looks like 1991 or 1992 Florida Vacation Barbie to me.

I love Butterfly Art Teresa. I actually like her even better than Barbie. Your Butterfly Art Barbie has a very nice face paint, I have seen lots of these dolls with really weired eyes.

Bummer on the missing foot of the Sparkle Princess. May be you can find a donor body with a matching skin tone for her lovely head.

Congrats on the "Kira" doll. I think she is 1985 Tropical Island Miko.

Her clothes are part of 1985 Magic Moves Barbie's original outfit.

Andrea said...

When I found the picture of Florida Vacation Barbie the year seemed a little strange, I had a feeling she was a little younger. The correct year for Florida Vacation Barbie is 1998.

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks so much everyone! I MUST find that fur stole for the Magic Moves outfit! So pretty :) I think I'll redo Miko's hair like the original. Long and pretty, would look super cute with that twist.

Good to know about the Butterfly Art face paint. I'll have to check my NIB Barbie and see if her eyes are wonky. I hope not!

barbiebeauties said...

I LOVE that Sun Jewel Theresa, her colouring is wonderful. I'm liking this sculpt more and more just recently.

Not much to add to what Andrea said, just that I think that the Barbie with the articulated legs is from a recent horseriding pack, she came boxed with Chelsie. I've got this set somewhere.

(By the way I've left these last few comments before but I posted them from my phone and I don't think they saved! Oops)

Karen said...

I have Miko too and she is gorgeous. Mine has brown eyes but I've seen green eyes on her too. Beautiful either way. Congrats on your find!

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Karen! I don't have many but I want to find more. The long black hair is just too pretty. I didn't know about the different colored eyes. I'll have to check my other Miko's!