Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Birthday Surprise


Here I am with a new post for you all! Finally right? :)

First of all I want to say that I do respond to every comment. Sometimes I don't get to them right away but I do get to them! Even if you leave a comment on a post that is a couple of years old, I still get them delivered to my email. Lately my email has not been letting me know when I get a new message so I apoloize if I've missed one along the way. 

I did get this comment a while ago and she would like some help ID'ing this outfit. I know someone who is AWESOME at outfit ID's. Can we help her out?

This is NOT my photo. This picture was a screen grab from Anderson's All-Purpose Flickr album. I hope it is okay if I shared. If not please let me know and I will take it down.
So as the title suggests, I celebrated a birthday last Tuesday and I received a gift from my wonderful hubby and son. I came home to a beautiful potted mum. Bright yellow and orange, perfect for fall! I also received a bag with a gift inside. 

The Moonlight Halloween Barbie! Hubby definitely knows what I like!

I started taking pictures of her in the box but then I realized that the bottom of the box had a tab so I could take her out and get some nice boxed but deboxed pictures!

Much better! She is so pretty and has a pretty face. Super cute cat ears! And I love the asymmetrical necklace.

I LOVE the dress! Cute little cat faces and a pretty purple color. I also like the corset top even if it is only printed on the dress. 

And cute shoes. I do like how Barbie shoes have gotten more fun since the introduction of the Fashionistas. 

There is even a cute little maze on the back where you can help Blissa the cat find the house to trick or treat. Or Trick or tret?

I can't believe that Mattel let that big of a typo slip on the box. Or is it some kind of funny that I'm missing?

I just love her and love that my husband got her for me! She will go perfectly with my other Halloween dolls. However this is not the doll you will want to buy for a body. She is a stiffie so she would be a good candidate for a rebody.

Friends, what do you think of Moonlight Halloween Barbie? Leave me a comment letting me know!

I have pictures taken for my other posts so I'll get those up in the next few weeks. 

Until next time!


Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Thanks for the help! And feel free to share the photo. I thought I'd ask since the clothes in your photo was so similar. Would Andrea be Andrea of DollsAhoy? I think we follow eachother on flickr so she might have seen it.

BlackKitty said...

I've seen promo photos of this doll. I love her dress and all the purple! Definitely on my wishlist and I have a spare body.

Anonymous said...

She's really adorable, I too love the cat ears :-). I've never heard of Trick or Tret either LOL! But the box is lovely, with the game on the back.

Teresa Brown said...

I'm not sure if Andrea is of Dolls Ahoy. But she is SO good at the IDs and has helped me out so much with my ID. (I'm horrible at it) :)

Blackkitty - the purple is the best! She is the most perfect candidate for the rebody. Would be fun to pose her with some fun Halloween props :)

Linda - isn't that funny? Tret, hahahahaha, I think the games on the back are so fun. I can remember them on the boxes of the Halloween dolls for as long as I can remember.

Natasha Rivers said...

Check out this fantastic Barbie ID site. The page is a Russian social network page, but all the dolls are in
English. Just click on the all albums button and be amazed.

Andrea said...

Sorry for being MIA. No, no relation to DollsAhoy. The doll is 1988 Style Magic Barbie. I can only guess on the origin of the dress, sorry. I went through my ID folders, but it was not a My First Barbie fashion as I first thought. It looks a little loose on the doll, so my bet would be one of the Petra fashions of the 90s, if it is not tagged.

Your Trick or Treat Barbie is lovely, love her dress and shoes. Nice Typo, lol.

barbieland_est1986 said...

Wow! You have an amazing blog which I am enjoying reading through immensely. I read your post about repairing those skippers' necks. I think skippers from the 90s had weak necks as we have that issue with several here who are waiting for repair. Going to use some of your tips and some other great ones from instagram to do some of these repair jobs. We will post results.

That outfit you are trying to ID - I do not know the ID I am afraid to say, but I *DO* recognize the doll. I believe we have her here in barbieland_est1986 but all her hair was cut off sometime after Sinead O'Connor did it in a kind of mimic-and-revolt move. So we are not sure who she is. We suspect Hawaiian fun by her dark tan...anyhow you can see photos of her on our instagram, she is known as Marilyn around here though. She's the one with the yellow egg on her head and the closely shorn blond hair on the other photos.