Friday, October 30, 2015

She's Wonderous!

Welcome Friends!

I'm back with another post for today. 

As I've mentioned in other posts, every time I go to the store (Like Target or Wal-Mart) I always cruise through the dolly aisle. You have to right? 

Well this time it was Target. And I'm SO glad I also checked the clearance section because I found this little gem. 

The most beautiful Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts! I almost couldn't believe my eyes. She was only $7.49! I searched and searched for the others but I must have been too late. Why was she discounted so much? Not sure but I am NOT going to complain! Target also had basic wave dolls (like Bunny Blanc and Faybelle Thorn) for $11.99. What a savings!

But I love this Lizzie. She is so beautiful and so perfect! Not sure what I think of the flamingo on the side of her head though. Might have to change that up and put it on top. It's secured on by hang tags. 

(a word of note. I had a difficult time getting her out of the box. FIVE hang tags on her head. Brutal!)

Her hair is extremely lackluster coming out of the box. Flat as a pancake. I had to brush and brush to get it to look halfway decent. I think she is a candidate for a spiral perm boil-dip.

But she is so pretty! I just love her! Looking at her from afar I kind of like the side flamingo. I might leave it for now. In the webisodes the flamingo is definitely on TOP of her head. 

Her upper dress is a simple aqua and she wears a necklace/shoulder guard combo with hearts.

And the ringlets are super cute with shades of purple and red mixed into her jet black hair. 

And the Queen of Hearts card collar? Stunning!

Lizzie doesn't carry a "purse" but a clock

It opens up to reveal a clock that's perfect for Wonderland. It might take a bit of force to get this to open. Mine appeared to be stuck. After one opening it does release a bit easier now. 

Perfect skirt: hearts and cards and spirals..... And a super cute open in the front design!


Could these not be more perfect for her? Hearts on the heel, cards on the back with an overall checkerboard pattern with hearts adorning the toe. 

So cute.

Her earrings are perfect, little queen chess pieces with a heart on top. 

And her ring? It's a hedgehog! So cute!

A picture of her hair, post brushing. As you can see it turned into frizz city. Yep, time for a perm. 

So, what do you think of Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts? Planning on adding her or any of the others to the collection? 

I'll have more stuff coming up in the next few weeks! 

Until next time!


BlackKitty said...

What a cool deal! I love Lizzie's colour scheme. We don't have clearance dolls unfortunately and I don't even look at the regular EAH shelf because they are outrageously expensive.

Andrea said...

Lizzie looks great and I love her shoes. Congrats on that bargain. A store had the first wave on clearance and they were still around 12 Euros. Said store doesn't even have a regular EAH shelf. Those nerve wrecking hangtags, I wish Mattel would stop using them at all. You are right, the crown should sit a little closer to the top of her head.

Teresa Brown said...

Hi BlackKitty and Andrea!

I love her! The colors are so cool. Actually, she rang up for the full price of 24.99 so I had to go back to Target to get my money back. SUCH a good score.

I'm thinking I'm going to redo the crown. It does need to sit more towards the top of her head. A lot of stores here don't have much in the way of EAH. TONS of MH still here though! I think they are still immensely popular.