Sunday, February 5, 2017

Another backlog from before Christmas (and an ID!)

Wow, I've got a lot of dolly things to catch up on! I'll be posting for a while but that's good right? I love all the people who read this blog so thank you for your support and helping me with my ID's! I plan on hitting the thrift store later this week so I'll see if I can come up with anything good for you to help me identify. :)

But first, as the title suggests, i've got an ID today! This is not something I have but something I totally want and will pay anything for (well, within reason.)

This is a screenshot from the Paper Purse Craft video on YouTube on the My Froggy Stuff channel. This is not my photo or my doll. My Froggy Stuff stamp shown in the lower RH corner of the photo.

Anyone else follow My Froggy Stuff on YouTube? She is an awesome crafter and inspires me to craft (when I have time.) I was watching one of her latest videos when I saw this doll wearing the most adorable and cutest sweater. 

I don't know if Froggy made this one herself but the dino print is just perfect. So, HELP! Does anyone know which doll wears this sweater? Google searches for me came up empty. 

Okay, now on to the doll. I had a hard time restraining myself a while ago (in September to be exact.) I purchased some things for my cousins baby shower and I had been mulling around the idea of purchasing this doll for a year or so. I wanted to buy her at the right price. I got her at a good deal and there are not many left on Amazon from what I can see now. But because I am collecting the Way Too Wonderland set, I had to get her too. 

Briar Beauty!

In my opinion, there have not been enough Briar dolls. I love Briar so I think it's good that they made a doll form of her for Way Too Wonderland (also, if you've seen the movie on Netflix, you'll know why she was there in Wonderland.) 

What drew me to her first was of course, that HUGE rose in her hair. But also the pink and green theme. I think they are just gorgeous together. I love the shade of pink they used. Just so perfect for Briar.

It may be hard to see but her earrings are a string of butterflies. And I think the vine collar is a great addition to Briar. It's fun to see other characters with collars, not just Raven.

Following the vine theme is her bracelet also with a butterfly. Her ring is a rose. They are not connected.

Her dress skirt is printed with roses and vines and she also has a blue clock like the other dolls. Her dress top is pink with swirls and wears a silver rose necklace. So perfect, so Briar! (Anyone notice the card suits on the vines?)


These are just wonderful. As I've said in previous posts, if Mattel got into the shoe business they would kill it. The most perfect blue shoes with butterflies and roses!

What detail!!

The back of her hair is nothing special. Her hair is in a ponytail and they put it up in the bouffant in the front of her hair. This is just the ends. But again, that collar! I love how it's kind of transparent.

I've read in places that Briar was a Wal-Mart exclusive when the movie came out (kind of like the Spring Unsprung Kitty Cheshire.) Does anyone know for sure? 

What do you think of Way Too Wonderland Briar Beauty? Has she been added to your collection? Let me know in the comments!

I'll have another post for you all soon. Until then!


Anonymous said...

That sweater is from the Project MC2 Core Camryn Coyle -

Barb the Evil Genius said...

You've helped me with an ID! I bought a generic version of those Briar Beauty shoes off eBay and didn't know which doll they were from. They're about the same color as Briar's shoes, but the roses are not painted. I love getting Ever After High "knockoff" shoes from eBay and AliExpress.

Teresa Brown said...

Thank you Thank you! Now I need to go see if I can find the doll (I hate paying for shipping.) I think my Target still has some of the Project MC2 core dolls. Yay, can't wait!

I'm so glad I could help you out Barb! I've checked out AliExpress before, you can get some really cute things on there. I almost wish I had a 3D printer at times, that way I could create my own doll shoes!

Mel Frizell said...

LOL Teresa,
My hubby got one around Christmas. He asked me yesterday what he could make me... I said Barbie boots!