Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas Treasures #1

Friends. FRIENDS.

Look what I have!

Dolly shelves! Please excuse all the random on the shelves. I have a toddler that gets into EVERYTHING. Just after thanksgiving the hubby put these up for me. And this is just the beginning! On the EAH shelf there will be a riser so we can see the faces of the lovelies in the back. The top shelf I'm going to get out some of my vintage Barbies to display. I can't wait to get this more organized!

So today I am going to feature one of my dolly treasures from this Christmas. This was a gift from Jacob. Isn't he sweet? He knows just what to pick out at the store for Mommy! ;) (reality: mommy found this at a black Friday sale.)

The ice cream romper Fashionista!

I know some of you already have her! Actually, I featured her on this blog before about a year ago when I wrote a post about new things I found in the dolly aisle in the store. I just fell in love with her. And she has PINK HAIR.

Seriously, how cute is she?

The romper. Ice cream bars. I can't even......

And she completes the look with white sneaker wedges. 

I love her! So much! She definitely ranks up there in my favorite of the Fashionistas. (no articulation though! hmmm....)

As I said, I know some of you have her! Do you love her as much as I do?

I'll have another post in a week or so! Until next time!


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I love your EAH collection. It's so fun to have dolls displayed so we can enjoy them!

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Barb! I am way super excited to display all the beautiful dolls I have. I've never been able to before so it's going to be so fun to get them set up. It's no fun having them stored in a box!

BlackKitty said...

I received the same doll for New Year (we don't celebrate Christmas)! Hubby knew I wanted that one and surprised me with it. I had got another Fashionista from him a couple of days earlier for my birthday, which he explained as "the ice cream one wasn't in stock" (slick, that guy). So I was double happy when I received mine. I changed her into an outfit that matches her hair though. The shelves look great too, congrats!

Andrea said...

So good to see, that you can enjoy your dolls on display again. She is my favourite in this batch of Fashionistas and she was the first I bought when they hit the shelves here. Such a cutie.

Teresa Brown said...

Thats awesome BlackKitty! Those husbands know how to be sneaky when they want to be. So glad you got her! :)

Hi Andrea! I haven't seen a whole lot of Fashionistas that I'm crazy about but yes, this one just struck a nerve with me. Its awesome to have dolly shelves again, YES!!