Friday, April 28, 2017

Barbie Goes Lego

Welcome Back!  

Quite a while ago my dad gave me a huge box of Legos. He saw that one of the pieces had Barbie on it so he bought the entire box. (And this was no small box!) I took them because, well, Barbie but then Jacob will be into Lego's someday so it would be fun to keep them for him when he gets older.  

Just one problem. No instructions.  

There were a few in the box so I put those together to get rid of some of the pieces, I was working with process of elimination here. My saving grace was that some of the lego playsets were still together so I didn't have a bunch of single random pieces floating around. That helped me with my huge internet search of Lego playsets.

Here is what I put together for the Barbie set.

Mega Bloks makes Barbie branded Lego sets (I think they're owned by Mattel.) Did you know Mattel also owns Fisher-Price? I know right?

This is the Barbie Build 'n Style Ice Cream Cart.

Here she is holding her delicious ice cream creation!

This adorable little set comes with a cart on wheels with an umbrella, a stand for her ice cream and cupcakes and our fabulous Barbie!

Also included were another Barbie and a Ken too! I don't know which set they were from or if Mega Bloks had some kind of Barbie figure blind bags but they're here and ready for some treats!

Don't you just love it?

Sadly this was the only Barbie lego in all the sets I acquired. But I did want to feature another one that is just so cute! And awesome!

I will admit this took me SO much time to research and find out what it is. Cra-Z-Art makes sets called "Lite Brix". Legos that light up! (And they are compatible with other sets so you can intermix the blocks.) This is the Bakery Kiosk.

And this is the adorable Sophia! Sorry for the lighting. When you have a flashing light underneath, no knowing which color it's going to be on when the shutter closes. 

These Lite Brix are so fun!

So friends, do you have any Barbie Mega Bloks sets? Want to get some of the Lite Brix? (So cool.) Let me know in the comments!

More Lego next time!


Andrea said...

Those Barbie sets are great and I'm sure little girls are crazy about them. If they are real Lego Sets, you should be able to download instructions from their website, maybe Mattel offers a similar service for their Mega Blocks.

Unknown said...

Mattel and Fisher Price have a Consumer Relations site -there's every instruction manual for Barbie products since 1998ish. I'm not sure if Mega Blocks is included though, is that even owned by Mattel??

Teresa Brown said...

I did download the instructions! It took a little bit of time to look up the item code but I finally found one and was able to look it up on the Mattel website. What's nice about the instructions is they give a list of every brick that is included in the set so I was able to truly verify that I had all the pieces! So awesome :)