Thursday, July 27, 2017

I'm back!

Hi Friends!

I sincerely apologize for my absenteeism. This first trimester is seriously kicking my butt. I have not had the energy to do anything. I haven't even had the energy to relax with my husband! :)

But tonight I had my little "helper" and I felt the need to get back into all things dolly. So he helped me pick some clothes for these new additions and here they are tonight! (and by helped he really did help for about 2 minutes then he was into the doll shoe bin I also had out) Life with a toddler!

So here are some lovelies that I have no idea where they came from (I'm guessing from my dad at some point) and I brought out some of the latest clothes that I featured and got them all dressed. No bath or laundry time tonight though. Not even a hair brush! Here they are 'as-is!'

First, this beautiful Liv doll.

I have one other Liv doll (Sophie or Sophia, I think?) and I love their realistic glass-like eyes. All of them are wigged and this one has an awesome purple streak in her hair. This one has a double knee joint (score!) but her arms, elbows and waist are very loose so she most definitely will have to be a sitting doll unless I can find a way to support her.

Don't you love this outfit? And I was very pleased that I had some matching shoes that would fit her!

Next we have this doll with a serious hot mess of hair.

Yeah, not even going to touch this hair with a 10 foot pole. At least not yet! 

I dressed her in the simple Barbie sweater dress with some pink open toe sandals. I don't think they are for Barbie because they are a little small but I smooshed her toes in them. One of the hands and legs are chewed so this might be a good candidate body for my DIY mannequin project i'm thinking about. It will be featured so that's coming soon!

Next, this BEAUTIFUL doll. And she truly is a beauty!

Hair is not that bad and boy she does have a pretty face. With stars in her eyes! Know who she is?

Ever since I got these white satin capris, I just had to put them on a doll. Mix with an aqua Barbie logo tank and some white sandal heels, you've got an awesome outfit! And see what I mean about how I didn't have time to get them clean? You can see her garage sale price tag on her tummy. :)

Be still my heart.

Ah, a Barbie from my generation. We love articulation but there is just something about those bent arms. They just bring me back. And love that face.

I originally had this dress on one of the newer body types above. However they didn't have enough up top to fill out the bust. With this one, she has a little TOO much up top for the dress so I think it was made for the newer body type. But it still looks fabulous on her. Matched with a pair of closed toe heels. The only red ones I could find!

Now for a cute trio of beach girls. Not sure who they are so i'm going to need a little help on these as well!

First, this ginger haired cutie.

I just love her! Didn't really have any clothes to fit her. The shorts did okay but this was the closest shirt I could find that didn't fall off and expose her up top!

And as I was looking at these dolls, I noticed they had tan lines! I'm guessing this will make it easy for someone to identify who they are.

Next we have a blonde girl. 

She was wearing this swimsuit and it looks like it fits her rather well. Maybe it's her original clothes?

Her tan lines

And lastly, a brunette.

While the bottoms seem to fit her well, I don't think it's hers as the top is very loose.

Her tan lines were in the same spots as the ginger haired doll. I like these beach dolls but just need an ID!

Also, I did want to mention a craft project I did. It was a quick craft before I did my larger craft. I've got the supplies out, that's a step in the right direction. Now maybe I'll be motivated to do it. But for now, I did a quick beach photo shoot with my homemade beach towel.

Isn't that the cutest? And so easy. To make a beach towel for your dollies, just take strings of yarn at your desired length, lay a few side by side and brush them with mod podge on a piece of tin foil. Continue adding yarn and brushing. When dry, peel off and trim the edges to make them even. I used a fun rainbow colored yarn. So easy! The towel will not be soft like a towel so it's more like a beach 'mat' I guess. But still super cute! I'm going to use this beach mat for my Mirror Beach Apple White doll that is....packed away.....somewhere. I'll unearth her someday!

So that's it for today! Thanks for sticking with me through the blog craziness. You'll also see that I've got some new information on the front page. Someone has been copying my blog and I have reported them to Google. So if you are viewing this on, you are at the right place! :)

Do you have any of these cuties in your collection? Inspired to make your own beach mat? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


masonpen said...

Great to see you back! I think the three dolls at the end are Mattel Wee three friends, they certainly look like them. Anyway, hope you find out who the others are. Look forward to more posts x

Andrea said...

I'm glad you feel a little better, hope it stays this way.

The girl with stars in her eyes is Princess Annika from the Pegasus movie. The Wee Three Friends were sold in a Set of three in a zppered case of clear vinyl. Yours must be from the Poolside set. There was also a ballet themed set, a party themed set and a Winter set, as far as I recall.

Mel Frizell said...

Welcome back!
I have thee doll in the knit dress, and the knit dress!
I also have the one with stars in the eyes, thank you Andrea for the id!
I plan to spend this week working on blog stuff. I have so many new things to share, but work I am doing on the houses!

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks masonpen and Andrea! I just looked up the Wee Three Friends. How cute are they? And Andrea, I have the Princess Annika doll NIB! I also might have the dress somewhere in my stash although I kind of like her outfit now. :)

Mel, can't wait to read more of your blog and see what other goodies you have!

Anonymous said...

The stripped green and pink dress is from Barbie Boutique 2002.
I just found your blog today. I loved it.