Thursday, August 10, 2017

Crystal Starr and New Friends


You will be proud of me. I DID start my craft project! I've got a little bit of it done so far and will work a little more on it this weekend.

When we lived in our other house, the guest bedroom served as both my office and Barbie room. When we found out we were having our first baby, we packed all my office stuff into blue tupperware bins. Well, something I needed for my craft project was in one of those bins. Hubby thought it would be a great time to also go through them and get rid of stuff and/or condense into less tubs. And while doing that I could look for what I needed for my craft. 

Well, I didn't find what I needed for my project. But I did find her!

This is Crystal Starr from The Moon Dreamers! My only Moon Dreamer doll that I got when I was a little girl. She glows in the dark! (and I just tested her, and she does still glow!)

She has really curly hair, although a little matted from being into storage. (The star in her hair is the comb. I put it there so it wouldn't get lost)

And she has stars in her eyes!

She has a sparkly dress with a star on the hip and (what once was) a moon on her chest. She just got played with too much :) 

And she has the cutest sparkly tights and shoes with stars on them. 

Through the years I had forgotten what the premise of the Moon Dreamers was. So I had to look it up. There are a few of the Moon Dreamers and they live in the sky and send happy dreams to kids below on Earth. But they have to watch out for Evil Scowelene who lives in the Land of Insomnia who sends nightmares to the kids to wake them up. The Moon Dreamers then have to then send their friends The Snoozers down to Earth to soothe the children back to sleep. 

I remember wanting more of these dolls. I don't know if I could get them off Ebay or not. Each one has a specific job. Crystal is the Star Architect. They are all so cute and unique! Each doll came with a doll stand (which I have) and a dream crystal which can be worn as a necklace for you! (Crystal came with a star, naturally.) I do have that, I think it's in my first childhood jewelry box.

These were made by Hasbro.
And, my hubby one day told me to go to the thrift store to get some maternity clothes. Don't have to ask me twice to go shopping! I did find some cute clothes but I also found some cute dolls! 

First, Ken! Can always have an extra 80's style Ken on hand, right? 

This is the 1985 Tropical Ken! And he came with the shorts and an ugly green shirt. I dressed him in this open breezy top and it looks great! Unfortunately though, Ken needs his hair redone!

Of COURSE I had to get her.

I put her in this fabulous pink dress that matched her hair. She even got a wash and a boil dip. It wasn't too matted which was one of the main reasons I picked her up.

In addition to the pink, she has a purple streak running down the right side of her hair. So...who is she?

Paired the pink and black dress with some fabulous black and silver heels!

She. The most beautiful Teresa!

She was recognizable only by her necklace. Glitter Beach Teresa!

Her hair is in braids which is actually pretty cute (and it kept her hair from becoming a hot mess.)

I put her in this cute little western outfit with a pink skirt and boots!

Well, that's all for today! What do you think of the Moon Dreamers? Are any in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


April said...

I have Crystal Starr, Dream Gazer, Bitzy, Roary, and Dozer currently packed away for our move. I can't wait to have an office again so I can display them! They are some of my favorite toys!

RagingMoon1987 said...

Ah, Crystal Beach Teresa. She's a shining star in my collection as well. Mattel put a pretty doll together when they designed that one. Crystal Starr is adorable! That one is a scoop for me, as I've not heard of her.

masonpen said...

How nice to see your Moon Dreamers girl, I've got about eight or nine of them (different ones) in my doll cabinet. Some of them have lost shoes or tights but they are all sooo cute.

I have one boy who has Elton John type glasses, you can check him out on my Flickr. (Penny Lapish)

Thanks for sharing, love your thrift store finds!

Penny x

BlackKitty said...

Too bad you didn't get to do your craft project, but that was a nice discovery! Like finding money in a winter coat! A long forgotten winter coat :)
The pink-haired doll must be a first or second wave Hair-tastic Barbie with cropped hair. I recognize the lavender streak but I've repainted mine and I'm too lazy to look up the original makeup. She's a nice doll with soft hair.

Teresa Brown said...

April: so exciting that you have that many! Dream Gazer would definitely be my second choice if I had to choose another. I hope your move goes well and you get a nice space to display them!

RagingMoon: Don't you just love her? I was delighted when I saw her. Can never have enough Teresa's, am I right? :) Look up the MoonDreamers on Wikipedia. Their stories are so adorable.

masonpen: You are lucky to have that many Moon Dreamers! I for sure will check them out on your Flickr. Don't you just love the Elton John star glasses? And with the hair style of that one, they were for sure trying to create a style like his!

BlackKitty: Funny story about the winter coat, I actually did find some money a few years ago in an old planner that I used in college. It was $100! I was rich! She probably is one of the Hair-Tastic dolls. I just looked them up and found one that looked like her! Thanks!