Thursday, November 9, 2017

New and Improved Ken - Preview!

Hi Friends!

Well, this post has taken me a while. Not because I haven't been busy on the Ken's (because I have) but they have taken me a LOT of time. 

But, I'll give you a preview! I've still got clothing soaking trying to get clean but I did manage to clean up the Kens!

I'm not kidding when I say it took a lot of elbow grease to get them clean. I had to use an (old) scotch brite scrubbie sponge to get the gunk off of them. (I say old because the scrubbie had worn down a little.) I think a brand new scrub sponge would be a little too harsh on the dolls.

So, here is the first Ken (dirty)

And clean!

I did not use the scrubbie on his face but he had so much gunk in his ears and nose that I had to use a soft toothbrush. It did take off very very little from his eyebrows but I can touch that up! He was much more dirty than his original pictures but you could not see it because it was covered up by his clothing.

 And, the other Ken. Dirty.

I found a nice pair of hot pink shorts under his tan pants and they left some coloring on his leg. And oops! Head popped off! See how dirty he was?


There are still a couple of spots but for the most part he is clean and they don't smell anymore either! 

I do have some outfits picked out for them from my box of fabulous vintage clothing. See which ones I chose in the next post!

Until then, here is what I'll be doing.

See you back in a few!

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