Thursday, December 14, 2017

OOAK Clothes, All Clean!

Hi Friends!

Well, I finally got all those OOAK clothes cleaned! I do have to say that they held up very well in the washing machine, and that was on a normal cycle!

Remember I purchased a doll trunk back in August that contained a vintage Ken, another 70's Malibu Ken, a Malibu Barbie and a 70's ballerina Barbie. Also included were some handmade OOAK clothes and a handful of accessories. 

The gentleman I bought them from said that they were his wife's collection. They also smelled like musty attic...only worse. I know what musty attic smells like, I had one growing up but it was never as bad as this. So this trunk stayed out in the garage and every few days I would rotate the clothes so the stink would dissipate. For the most didn't. So into the washer they went. Then also had to hit it with Febreeze. They are okay now, okay enough to store in a plastic bag without me falling over if I open it up down the road. 

So here we go!

First we have a red coat with brown fur, a yellow short sleeve sweater and a red long sleeve sweater with pearl accents down the front.

I'm not sure what these are but I'm thinking sleeping bags. The red and the blue have matching pillows.

A blue plaid jumpsuit with an attached waist tie. The buttons are not functional but have snaps underneath.

Here is a lime green and white printed strapless dress. It has a slit up both sides and some staining on the front. 

An outfit for Ken! Blue pants with a red stripe, a matching coat with red details and a white shirt with a red bow tie.

Here is an interesting one. It looks like a dress and a matching shirt for Ken in a bird printed fabric.

A blue velvet coat that has some staining on it. 

A white dress with a bow at the waist and a small train. Maybe a type of old fashioned wedding dress?

A sheer floral party skirt.

I actually really like this dress. It's a one shoulder gold glitter dress. Some minor staining on the front.

Another strapless dress with a velvet upper and floral under. There is a liner sewn into this one. The other sheer floral skirt did not.

This is a knit dress and I'm not sure what the other piece is. I guess it could be used as a shawl that snaps behind the neck. Sort of like a poncho.

OOPS! Something wasn't colorfast. I'm surprised that this was the only casualty of the entire load (this and my white towel that I had in there.) This is a sport outfit for Ken. A vest, shorts and jacket. I'm sure that will come out if I work at it with some color safe bleach.

Not sure what these are. Looks like small placemat that was used as a pattern for the green fabric. Maybe a doll rug?

A beautiful velvet skirt and maybe poncho? The larger fabric in the back has a hook and eye closure so I'm sure it's a skirt. I could make a nice outfit out of these. Just gotta get an idea and clean up those edges with a hem.

This was an odd one. The yellow knit piece in back was actually sewn onto the bottom of an old lotion bottle. Maybe a bathtub? We've also got what looks like a pink bathmat, a couple of washcloths and a green tie belt. 

And lastly, a little red knit winter bonnet and a white fur coat. Just a couple of holes for the arms. I kept out the bonnet. It's cute for a winter outfit. 

Here is the case it came in. It was white with a bear on the front of it. It was plain white on the other side.

The inside shows it was manufactured by Cass Toys. A quick google search shows that they made a number of different toys.

Honestly the box had to be thrown out as it was not salvageable. The smell was just too bad and there was a broken hinge. I have plenty of other doll cases that are in much better condition.  

These clothes are well made. The hems are even, there are linings sewn in, the dresses have darts and nothing contains a zipper or velcro. They are all snaps and even a couple of hook and eyes. Know how tiny Barbie clothes snaps are? You can tell that this lady was a seamstress.

So what do you think? See anything you like? I do like OOAK clothes and don't mind them one bit. I think I'll get out the gold dress and see how it works on a doll! I'll post that next time!

If you have any ideas about how to turn that beautiful magenta piece into a killer dress, post a link to something in the comments or let me know! I'm so bad at designing things so give me some ideas! 

Lastly, want to see other vintage hand sewn OOAK goodness? Take a look at my mother in laws collection here! Not to mention her beautiful PRISTINE vintage ponytail doll!

See you next time! 


Anonymous said...

Wow! That lady was very talented, such nice clothes! My favorites are the gold dress and the Ken suit! Great catch :-).
No ideas here, I'm sorry, but I'm sure you'll come up with something :-).

Treesa said...

You might want to try soaking the stained pieces in a combination of oxyclean, laundry detergent and cold water. Just make sure to rinse them out thoroughly afterwards if you do.
Signed, Treesa

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Millicent! Yes, those were my favorites too. The suit is so well made. Still thinking on ideas for the maroon velvet pieces!

Thanks Treesa! I think I'll try that. Oxyclean has been my go-to, especially with my toddler! Don't see why it wouldn't work with dolly things too! :)