Monday, December 11, 2017

Wacky Wonderland

Hi All!

Back again with the final addition to my EAH Way Too Wonderland collection!

We've seen Kitty, Apple, Lizzie, Maddie and Briar. Who's left?

I treated myself last Christmas to this playset. Back when I posted about the Thronecoming series, I mentioned how I was disappointed how I had to get the playset just to get the final doll in the collection. But it is what it is. So I found a good deal and went ahead and got it. Because, it's Raven Queen!

Raven is very basic compared to the other dolls but she does not disappoint with this purple and aqua color scheme. And that collar?

I love the cards on it. 

Her dress is pretty simplistic with a long waistline, purple feathers up top and yellow and aqua stripes at the bottom. As you see the collar doubles as a bodice and it is quite wobbly if you mess with her too much.

The back of the hair is quite pretty, again with the purple and aqua scheme.


Like her dress it's the feather theme and we have feathers wrapping up the ankle. I love the shoes that have this type of wrap around ankle strap.

The feathers come down to the top of the shoe and then we also have diamond studs that surround the opening of the shoe.

Okay, so that's it for the doll! (The most important part) :) Here is the playset!

So this thing is big! Over 3 feet wide with three play areas. Dorm room for Raven Queen, Wonderland High, and the Queen of Hearts Party.

Raven came in the box with a standard background that the other Wonderland dolls came with.

Once you open it, there are pieces stored in a little cubby. 

It also comes with two teacups for seating. These are not the most functional chairs and it takes a bit to get the doll situated on them so they do not fall over. You are not able to bend them at the knees to get them to sit properly.

Here is Raven's dorm room! With a little mirror. That's about it for her room.

Next is Wonderland High. This scene has two foldouts for play. Each one just attaches to each other so they stand nicely. 

There is a door for you to make a grand entrance. And it has a big flower at the top.

In the first scene you can see that the pink books are where the pieces are stored when not in play. There are also plastic cards that stack together to create tables. That is cute.

You can also put the accessories on pegs on the second scene to give it more of a wonderland feel.

Lastly is the Queen of Hearts Party. This one also has two scenes. 

You have the option for this one to also stick the accessories on pegs at the party but having them sit on the table looks better. They just sit on table, there are no pegs on the pieces to secure them to the table.

When playtime is over, not everything sticks inside the set. A lot of them are secured on the outside of the box. Two of the cards go inside and there is a place for Raven Queens stand to go so you don't have to take her out of her stand to put her inside. However, the base does not fit, just the stick. This makes it a nightmare for storage because the outside is not flush. To get it back in the box, I have to take all but spade card off. The other cards, cups and rose have to come off. And there is no where to secure them inside so they are loose in the box at this time.

There is also a little charm that goes at the top. Just for decoration I guess. 

Well, that's it! I don't think I'll have this one displayed but I might, never know. Depends on how much room I have. I like my Thronecoming one better. So what do you think of Raven Queen? Do you have her? Let me know in the comments!

I did some laundry today of all the old clothes that I got from the garage sale where I got the vintage Ken's. That will be up next!

Until then!


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I mainly got the Thronecoming playset because I got a good price, but for me, the Raven doll was the least important part of the set. You did a really good job reviewing this! I got super overwhelmed with all the pieces and sides and just gave up. I agree that the teacup seats are not the easiest to get a doll to balance on. I have my dolls lower legs and feet swept to the side, kind of like they're supermodels. :)

Anonymous said...

That is one lovely play set and doll! I like the "entrance", that door is great looking! Looking forward to your Ken entry :-)

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Barb! Yes, it was a little overwhelming! I was surprised I had to take out the directions again to try to put this together (for the second time.) I couldn't even get her to balance with the legs out to the side. My Raven doll has really loose joints so that may have something to do with it. :)

Hi Millicent! I do like the door, probably the best part of the playset for me (Besides the doll). New post will be up in a few days!