Saturday, January 12, 2013

A few more ornaments

Are any of you having some trouble getting back into the "swing" of things after the new year? Or is this just me? It seems like when I get home from work, all I want to do is sit and do nothing. Even trying to make dinner seems like a chore. Maybe because there has been snow on the ground here for about a month?

Well anyway, I'm back with a new post! Sorry sorry for all the wait!

Going through my boxes of Christmas decorations, I found some more Barbie ornaments. However, these are not like the Hallmark kind. These are porcelain of the most breakable kind. I'm surprised that none of these are broken considering how many times these ornaments have been moved with me in the past 5 years. But they've stayed in their original packaging and have been handled with care in boxes with the word "FRAGILE" plastered all over it.

So here is the collection!

The first: Barbie as the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Isn't she beautiful? Dress is a little smooshed from being in her tight Styrofoam packaging.  But I love how they styled her arms. So befitting of the perfect ballerina.

Really great detail!

The boxes have fun excerpts like the Holiday Barbies. This one reads: "Barbie as the Sugar Plum Fairy captures the beauty of this lovely ballet character. With her tea-length tutu of shimmering, layered tulle...her tiny ballet slippers...and her golden tiara, she is the perfect beginning of an exquisite collection."

She is the first in the series. Next up: Barbie as the Swan Queen in Swan Lake.

Don't you just love the feathers? And the dress is just adorable. So cute! And again, such great detail went into making these.

Her box reads: "Barbie as the Swan Queen in Swan Lake captures the essence of this breathtaking ballet character. With her glittering tulle and organza tutu...her tiny ballet slippers...her silvery tiara...and her delicate, fluttering feathers, she is the perfect second addition to an exquisite collection."

Well, the tiny ballet slippers are always cute. Anything little is so cute right? :) This is the doll she was modeled after.
Not a bad job of making the two look identical. I may have to look for this doll, so beautiful.

Next is a little different. I don't think there was a third in the series of these ornaments but they did put out this one called "Lighter Than Air."

This one is my favorite of the three. So beautiful. I never had the will to put her on the tree for fear of her delicate arms and legs getting broken. The other two are not so much of an issue but this one is very delicate.

She's so beautiful.

Her box reads: "Your Barbie Lighter Than Air Porcelain Ornament is crafted in fine porcelain and her delicately painted face fully expresses the classic beauty and manner of a prima ballerina. Dark, up-swept hair is the perfect contrast to her pastel portrait. Her glorious costume and lithe pose are inspired by the renowned paintings of Edgar Degas. Layers of soft, hued, pleated tulle portray her as the perfect picture of ethereal grace. Her forever winsome look is completed with ivory ballet slippers."

Most of Degas' paintings are of ballet. Paintings of dancers in the studio, on the stage, and everywhere. He loved ballet. The pose of this dancer resembles our Barbie.

L'Etoile (The Ballerina) by Edgar Degas.
And last but certainly not least: Barbie as the Millennium Bride.

What a great likeness of Barbie! And the silver roses are perfect for this bride. I love the cathedral veil. And she has such a sweet face.

This face just shows that she is happy and is truly the blushing bride! She is a lot more composed than I was on my wedding day. I forgot to look at my husband while I was coming down the aisle because I was looking at everyone looking at me. Then the waterworks turned on when he wrote me a song. Ah, memories. :)

Her box write up is so cute. "There's one thing that hasn't changed since the first millennium - the fetching beauty of a blushing bride on her wedding day. This Barbie Millennium Bride porcelain Ornament embodies the elegance and grace every bride dreams of. She is simply breathtaking in a special bridal gown of shimmering tulle over satin the color of moonlight. Its dramatic silhouette is highlighted by a sweeping train that drifts out from the back of her gown. Her glimmering cathedral-length veil flows from a delicate silvery tiara that crowns her long hair and she carries a beautiful bouquet of silver-hued roses."

These ornaments were produced and sold by Avon. My mom has sold Avon for as long as I can remember. Since I was in preschool I think! I love Avon products and they have come out with some awesome things through the years. These ornaments being some of them!

I promise I will be back sooner this week. Until next time!


Andrea said...

I love ballet. These ornaments are absolute charmers. The Classic Ballet series were among the first collectors dolls I bought.

Lighter than Air was a porcelain doll, if I remember correctly. The Ornament is just as charming as the doll herself.

Millennium Bride is lovely.

I can understand your fear of braking them by chance. That would be a crying shame.

Forestminuet said...

They are charmers. Every one of them. And they all are precious to me. I'll have to check out the dolls. I'd love to see them. The classic ballet dolls sound wonderful. I've always loved The Nutcracker so those dolls would be at the top of my list. :)