Sunday, January 6, 2013

Matching Outfits: Cool or Corny?

Before I head on to more Barbie Christmas "Stuff" (okay, I am SO not over Christmas yet!) I wanted to ask a question. But first, here is a little story.

I am not a crafter. I am not one who pours over Pinterest for hours upon hours trying to find that perfect project. I was out with a friend last weekend and when I told her that I did not have an account on Pinterest she exclaimed, astonished: "What?! You don't pin?!?" Frankly, between this blog, keeping up on other blogs I follow, Facebook, Instagram, trying to keep up a house, working 8+ hours a day, exercising every night of the get the picture. There is just no time to "pin."

Once in a while I get the craft bug. Quite a few years ago when I taught a Sunday School class at my church, I had to think up crafts for these girls to do. (tons of fun by the way.) When I was unemployed this summer, I busted out the polymer clay and made a charm bracelet of items from my favorite video game. Check out my very cool bracelet here. I follow a very funny and awesome blog titled "Pinstrosity" (<--- Click for the link to the blog) and there was a craft project posted by someone that went awry. Well I got the craft bug and had to try the project for myself.

Project? Covering a pair of pumps in fabric for an updated look!

Using nothing but this!

And I have to say, even after this project, I've gotten the bug again to make some sundresses for my vacation to Hawaii in a couple of months. I got some really cool patterns at the thrift store.

So the real reason for my post. Part of the fun of Barbie is making clothes for her right? I know I'll have left over material from my sundress project so would it be fun to make Barbie an outfit that matches my own? I think that if made Barbie shoes that match these and then made her a sundress that I'll be making to match these shoes, it might be kind of a fun project. So is it cool or corny.

I've always wanted to try to make clothes for Barbie so this might be kind of fun. I also have a Stacie doll that I cannot find clothes for at the store. So what better than to make clothes for her myself. But I don't know about the matching Barbie's clothes to my own! 

(I really won't be offended if it's a corny idea. That's the reason why I'm asking.) :)

Thanks for helping out and I'll have a new post for you all this week!


Andrea said...

I often wonder how people can manage all those network sites and still have a real life, lol. I'm not on pinterest, but I sometimes turn to it for inspiration.

That shoe project is great and your shoes turned out so adorable, love the bow in the back. I could so hunt for fabric and shoes right now.

Actually this sounds like a fun idea, not corny at all. Plus you would always have a reminder of your sundress and your Hawaiian vacation.

Hopefully the pattern on the fabric is not too large and will still look great on the dolls.

Forestminuet said...

That's a good point. I never thought about the pattern for a little doll dress. I was thinking of making the sundress in a solid color since the shoes have a print. I better get started. I only have 9 weeks to sew my heart out. :)