Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Clothes?

So remember this little cutie I got a while ago at the thrift store?

Well, I have a thing for pink hair so I bought her. She has a missing hand but I don't care. She got a bath and her pink hair is shiny and clean. Love it! But this Rochelle Goyle still needs an outift. I searched online and I think this is her original one.
It's super cute but on other blogs I've been seeing some extra super-duper cute outfits for Monster High dolls.

But here is where you come in!

Post me some links of your favorite Monster High outfits and I'll see what I can scrounge up for my one and only Monster High cutie.

Also, do you know if there are replacement wings for her? She is missing those too!

Stay tuned!


Sandra3619 said...

Oh dear Im not much of a help, I only started collecting Barbie dolls very recently and I even had to look up Rochelle Gargoyle as I dont have a clue who she was.

Ah well.... I googled her name at google pics and so far I like these the best:

This one because of the pink lace

And I looove this outfit:

Anonymous said...

Hi :) you can get replacement arms for your Rochelle quite easily on eBay, grey arms were sold as part of at least one create a monster pack that I can think of and a lot of resellers break the sets down and sell the bits separately. Keep an eye out :)

As for the outfit - oooh I love a challenge. I'd say that if you are going to stick with her pink theme, I think Skull Shores Draculaura would take a lot of beating:

Or, you could look for a Draculaura fashion pack. They're ALL good ...

(don't say I didn't warn you, LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and PS. Again, you might be able to pick up replacement wings on eBay, some people will be selling them just by themselves. If not, you could look at the CAM packs again. There is a male gargoyle CAM, but I'm not sure if his wings would fit on Rochelle (I'll check for you some time if you want as I have this CAM pack). And there's also a Dragon Girl CAM who comes with wings that would definitely fit, but her wings are green ... beware though - buying CAMs can become a bit addictive, I only bought my first ones intending to scavenge for parts and now my CAM collection rivals my core character Monster High collection ...

Forestminuet said...

Thanks you two! All of those outfits are so great. I do want to stay with a pink theme so those will definitely go in my list of choices. I do like the little Paris dress however, I love swimwear so Skull Shores is definitely hits the spot.

I've heard of the CAM packs for replacement parts. I'll have to see if I can pick one up. I'm trying to hard not to buy MH but they are just so darn cute!

Thanks again Sandra and Barbielea!

Andrea said...

Poor little Rochelle, I hope you can find spare parts to fix her up. She is such a cute little ghoul.

As for her new clothes, I would stick with her hair's color theme, pink and blue. I'm curious what you will stitch up for her.