Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Ever feel like you can't keep up no matter what? Life has been throwing me a lot here lately and it's been taking everything I have to not fall underwater. This week is no exception but I am feeling a little better. I don't have physical therapy again this week and then friday I leave for camping! It will be a nice break.

So why am I in physical therapy? Two months before I started therapy I went running. My hip started hurting and hasn't quit since. That's all! No complicated medical condition or deteriorating muscles. Just tight in the hips! So I need this therapy to get me loose so I can continue to exercise pain free.

This Barbie knows the importance of flexibility. After all, she is a gymnast! The epitome of flexibility!

This is 1994 Gymnast Barbie and she is very posable and flexible. I got her when I was a kid. I didn't play with her much but I love her little pink leotard and gold medal!

This Barbie is different from other anatomical dolls. She is not jointed at the wrists or ankles but she is jointed at the knees and elbows. And her elbow joints not only bend, but also twist to create different positions. Also she is bendable at the waist allowing greater movement.

She also has really big feet. Her shoes do not stay on without her little socks. Now, it's normal for Barbie, especially the beach dolls to have larger feet but she was one of the only ones like that at the time. She also comes with her own logo gym bag and a pair of hand dumbbells so she can strengthen those arms!

So, since I am in physical therapy there are a number of stretches that I have to do to loosen up. Let's see if Gymnast Barbie can demonstrate some of these for me!

Pose #1: Kneeling Lunge

Pose #2: Kneeling Leg Extension

Pose #3: Seated Leg Extension with Hip Flexor Stretch

Pose #4: Full Cobra. Barbie is really good at this one!

Pose #5: Full Arm Circles. This one looks really fun with the arm ribbons.

Pose #6: Forward Fold

Pose #7: Superman. Okay, Barbie needed a little help holding this one.

Pose #8: Shoulder Stretch. Here is a funny thing about this doll. She came with her hair braided with the cute ribbon through it but it was not secured at the end. So that is why she has a rubber band in her hair.

Gymnast Barbie could have done more poses however, I realized I had glitter all over my pants from her leotard. I didn't want all the glitter to fall off so I thought that 8 was enough for one day. Thank you Barbie for providing a great demonstration!

I also have another very flexible doll. Unfortunately I can't get to her right now as the storage is a little full and I can't get to my dolls. Here is Olympic Gymnast Barbie from 1996.
I love this one. I was so into the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games. I was very excited that they were in the US and I had tons of memorabilia. I had shirts, jewelry, collector soap, toys, you name it, I had it. So she is one of my most cherished dolls and she is still in her box. She has a little ring that you clip onto her waist and she can flip in circles! Cool!

Olympic Gymnast Barbie came as a blonde, brunette, redhead, and also in African American. 

I also have the leotard from this doll. I picked it up at the thrift store long ago. It's cute. I wish I had the set! She comes with a balance beam, a real working scoreboard, and a set of rings. And, can't forget that gold medal! She is 2001 Super Gymnast Barbie. (via
So friends, do you have any gymnast dolls listed or not listed here? I think they are super fun because it's so much fun to pose Barbie in a multitude of ways. That's why we are all fans of the anatomical dolls right? :)

Until next time! (which I hope won't be as long as this time!)


Andrea said...

Wow, looks like you have a full programme in phisical therapy. Hope it will persuade your hip to stop hurting.

Gymnast Barbie was perfect for the presentation of your stretches.

I do have the three dolls mentioned in this post, and a few more. I think Bycicling Barbie counts, if I remember correctly, she was the first sporting this body. 1996 Workin' out Barbie and Teresa.

barbiebeauties said...

I have a gymnast from about 1995 - I've been meaning to do something with her for ages. I'll have to dig her out and feature her. I do like this body! But they are hard to find shoes for if you buy them nude :( Andrea told me that there were shoe packs sold for these flat-footed dolls, but I've never seen any unfortunately. I think that they are great fun!

Sorry to hear about your bad hip. I have a similar issue with mine - which I think was due to a hard labour with my son (I'm still convinced the epidural, which I never wanted but had to have, had something to do with it too). Tell you what helped me - fitflops! You know, those shoes that are meant to tone you as you walk? I just wear them round the house and they must help my posture or something. Also, the yoga exercises on the wii fit helped me too! Good luck with it, hope you are better soon.

Forestminuet said...

Andrea - I love the Workin' Out dolls! She was so fun with the outfit.

Barbielea - I'll have to see if I can get some packs of the shoes. There are some flat-footed dolls that I would love to put a pair of sneakers on. Or sandals! I'll have to see if I can get some. Maybe ebay!

I don't have fitflops but I do have orthotic insoles that I have to wear with my shoes. They are in a way like the fitflops. I have a collapsed arch so they are essential for straightening my legs. And I do take yoga which I think is helping some.

I just want to feel normal again! I want to be flexible like Gymnast Barbie! LOL!!!!