Thursday, July 25, 2013

Marvelous Mackies

Greetings all! I have a bit of time so I figured I should get a new post up STAT! Because you know how we all love to read about and see pictures of beautiful dolls.

And I have one today!

Remember back in December when I had my 25 days of Barbie posts. Two of the holiday dolls (2005 and 2006) were by Bob Mackie.

2005 Pink Edition

2005 Green Edition

The 2006 Doll

I mentioned in one (or probably all) of those posts that Bob Mackie is my favorite designer of Barbie. When I was a kid I somehow (probably from something my mom put a mail order in for) I got a catalogue of collector Barbie dolls. I was always fascinated with this Bob Mackie creation. The Moon Goddess.
Friends, don't you just LOVE her? She is so so so awesome. I had an obsession with moons and stars growing up which made me love this doll just that much more. 

Well, for Christmas one year my (wonderful, amazing, etc, etc...) mother got this Mackie for me. I am proud to present The Sterling Silver Rose.

This is a creation designed especially for Avon and came out in 2002.

Beauty. Glamour. Perfection. Mackie. SO Mackie! She is a true example of perfection. 

I was always fascinated by and loved her purple up-do. It is regal elegance in its purest form. 

The dress is purple velvet. To Die For!!

The Barbie Collector website has a much better picture of the doll and a cute little write-up about it. 

"Bob Mackie brings his signature sensational flair to Sterling Silver Rose Barbie® doll. Wearing a glamorous deep purple panne gown accented with a single silver and lavender fabric rose and a lovely lavender bustle, Barbie® is a true vision of distinctive beauty. Her platinum hair is highlighted with lavender hues and styled into an intricate updo. Dramatic face paint and long lavender gloves provide the sparkling finishing touches."
She is and always will be one of the dolls that I love the most. Everywhere I live she is proudly displayed (in her box of course :)

So all, do you have The Sterling Silver Rose? Or other Mackie dolls? Let me know in the comments! Bob Mackie has many dolls and it would be amazing to see which ones you have!

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa - love your Rose Girl, that hair is fantastic ... I have quite a few Mackie-sculpted dolls, but I don't think I have any Mackie designed dolls. I'm just rubbish at leaving dolls in the box and I don't display dolls round the house often either, so I don't have many of these kinds of dolls - I'd be much too tempted to get them out and mess with them:) if I was going to get a Mackie designed doll, it would have to be Countess Dracula I think - or maybe Cher ... One day ...

Anyway, my favourite doll from my collection with the Mackie face has to be Midnight Moon Princess. Strangely, I got this doll deboxed and a little play worn, so I didn't have to make any kind of detoxing decision. She's lovely, so gothic :)

Forestminuet said...

Countess Dracula is definitely a unique doll, and so Mackie as well! I always loved the outfits that Cher wore by Mackie. I glad that they decided to make dolls of them. I think that Cher dolls always turn out great.

I love the Goddess Moon Princess! I'm glad you got her deboxed. I would love to take mine out but I just couldn't bear to do it! They are much more fun to display without the box.

I also love the Goddess of the Sun. Did you see that one. What an outfit!

Forestminuet said...

Midnight Moon Princess I mean. Not Goddess Moon Princess ;)

Andrea said...

Sterling Silver Rose is very beautiful. I don't remember why I passed on her at the time. I have a few Mackie designed dolls: Queen of Hearts, who sparked my passion for this mold. The first Cher doll in the purple dress, 2005 Holiday Barbie and 45th Anniversary Barbie. There are 2 I hope to find for a reasonable price one day: Goddess of the Americas and Radiant Redhead.

Forestminuet said...

Sometimes dolls just don't strike you at the moment. I know there are some that I leave in my box because I just don't share the same passion for them as I do other ones. (Summer being one of mine.)

The Queen of Hearts was another one that I loved and admired. The Cher one is just lovely. And WOW! I never saw the 45th Anniversary Doll. So awesome! I love it!

Both of those dolls that you want are so very cool. I love the redhead. Something about Barbie in red hair.....