Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Year of Haute Couture - July

Well, I was all ready to write this post yesterday then (like most of my thoughts) completely slipped out of my mind and I remembered as I was brushing my hair this morning. So here it is now!

I wonder if most of the US is like we are here: upwards of 100 degrees outside. It's almost like I want to wear a swimsuit everywhere. Even the skimpiest of clothes is too much when it's that hot outside. Can you imagine the turn of the century when all women wore dresses and pantyhose and corsets and petticoats and etc....... I would be a sweat factory then looked like a drowned rat before I even got the actual dress on!

This month's dress is very 1800's Victorian and something I would wear in a nice air conditioned room.

July - Violette Barbie Doll (2006)

WOW! This is a dress and a half! I love it! We see a lot of pink with Barbie so here is the time to show off the purple. I like the way the waist was done, it reminds me of a Victorian gown. The buttons up the front, the tailcoat. Add violets to the hair, some elbow length gloves and a clutch purse and this dress will steal the show at any gathering.

Ready for the doll?
STUNNING! Absolutely beautiful! This dress does not look as Victorian as the sketch but it's gorgeous. She is SO pretty! And can you see the tail coat in the pic? I love that. It just adds that special little something to the dress.

Violette Barbie was issued as a Platinum Label in 2005. An excerpt from the Barbie Collector website:

"The first breath of spring demands a gala celebration! Perfect for entertaining or being entertained, Violette Barbie® doll joins the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection dressed for a stylish ball. She wears a gown made of printed silk organza over a satin underdress and tulle petticoat with lilac taffeta trim. It's a springtime vision of the ultimate romantic, retro ball gown — finished with violets in her hair!"

So all, what do you think of Violette Barbie? Do you love her as much as I do?

I'll have a fun post for you next which showcase some dolls from my collection!

Until then!


Andrea said...

She is gorgeous. There are a lot of Silkies where I'd be happy with just getting the outfit. She is one of the few where I like the whole package.

Living around the turn of the century must have been awful with that rigid clothing. Just imagine sitting down with those boned pettycoats.

Forestminuet said...

The boned pettycoats? Can you imagine wearing one at all? I don't like not being able to "bend."

I love the whole package too. However on the Barbie Collector website, I saw some owners dolls where she looks almost sleepy-eyed because of her sultry look. I would be kind of disappointed if mine turned out like that.

Andrea said...

No way! I saw some of the petticoats on pinterest. They look like cages. I bet clothing was the cause why Victorian women fainted so often.

That's why I always wait for "in person" pictures from people who bought the doll. Mattel often makes changes along the way from the promotion pics to the production doll.