Monday, October 14, 2013

Dress up and new additions!

Hello again!

Yesterday (Sunday) was my birthday! I had an awesome weekend and some fun and relaxing time at the beach (where it was practially summer weather, such a blessing.) But now I'm back and just have to post the rest of the new additions to the collection!

Let's see who has been dressing up. A few of the gals from the ladies night!

First, Artsy Fashionista in her original outfit, complete with accessories! Beautiful!

Next we have the Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Sophina. She is missing her gold tights and try to look past the two boots. Moxie Girlz have peg legs and I don't have the other shoe! Her originals are the white but wishing I had two of the pink. I think those almost look better. She is so super cute though!

Lastly, remember my Liv It's My Nature Sophie doll? She came with (I think) a brown leather vest that I don't have. So I gave her one of my two vests that came with the Sporty Fashionista closet. It matches her hat perfectly! I am going to forgo getting her original vest since this one fits so well with her!

Now for the new additions! Some I will need help on, some I have figured out already. :)

Correct me if I'm wrong but, is this the Teen Skipper mold? Anyway, she is wearing a knit outfit which should have been in my last post with the homemade fashions. Doesn't it look super cozy? I like the colors and I think the short skirt better suits Skipper (If this indeed is a Skipper.:)

Beautiful face.

New body style, cute dress!

Another Skipper mold? Or other? Not quite sure with this one or about the dress. But funny, the shoes still have the rubber bands on them to hold them on the feet! Not sure if that was intentional from the previous owner or what but nice idea!

Glam Fashionista Swappin Styles. I have two of this head but none as perfect as this one!

Holy Petal Dress! This is awesome! She should be an easy identifier but "Barbie Petal Dress" didn't bring up much in the way of hits. Some say it's the Sweet Roses PJ dress. True?

And I'm sure these boots don't go with the outfit but hey, I have a matching pair!!

Wedding Barbie, I'm sure the dress was a fashion pack of some sort.

Here is one I am really excited about. A long time ago I got a few dolls at the thrift store with the "squishy" waist. You informed me she was Jewel Girl Barbie.

Look what I got!

I love her! She has a very pretty Barbie face and I love her outfit.

I don't have her fun pants but I do have her platform shoes, again held on by rubber bands. This doll is a complete score!

A cute doll, cute dress, large beach feet, who is she?

She has a very unique face.

Another very unique doll.

She has sparkly lips and her sunglasses still attached to her head.

Look at this little cutie! Needs a leg fix and I think she is wearing a Fashion Avenue dress. I am loving some of the older dolls I am getting!

She is pretty, another Teen Skipper? Jointed arms makes this a very fun doll.

And I don't know if this is another homemade dress but this is Strawberry Shortcake type font. I know because I was also into Strawberry Shortcake as a kid. :) The ribbon says "Life is the berries." So cute!!!

Fun fashionista doll with pink streaks in her hair. She matches my Sisters Skateboard Skipper!

And pretty, frilly fun dress. Makes you want to run through a meadow doesn't it? :)

As you may be able to tell, this newer dress is a little snug on this old body style doll. She was naked so she needed an outfit pronto!

I'm not sure who she is but I think this is the Steffie head mold. She doesn't seem to look like the other ones I have but I could be wrong. Help?

Ken is looking very dapper tonight in his coat and tails! (I have shoes for him, haha)

Maybe Ken is marrying this beauty!

She kind of looks like a My First Barbie.

This is a most interesting looking Barbie. I don't think I've seen this face before.

She is a bride because she has some bling on her left hand!

It still works!

She is the "Every Girls Dream Bride Barbie" doll. I love the dress and wish I had it!
Well, part of an outfit from a doll we know....

I know because I have her! Rappin' Rockin' Barbie. She is one of the ones I played with as a kid. I even have her boom box. :)

Here are the sisters!

It was easy to see that this was not the original doll. But close!

Most definitely not a Barbie but a Disney doll! I'm thinking Aurora. Fashionista dress?

And most, but CERTAINLY not least.......

This gorgeous beauty

Does anyone have her? I do. Never removed from her box.
She is Winter Velvet Barbie, the first in a series of winter dolls produced by Avon. And I love love love having her OUT of the box too! She is in good condition and her dress is not ripped, torn, or dirty in any way. I love her.

I have a few clothes I will show next time. I also have a sewing project coming up that I will post soon!

Do you have any of the wonderful dolls shown here?

Until next time!


Andrea said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you, Teresa. I'm glad you had a great birthday weekend.

I love that Artsy doll, she has such a nice and natural make-up.

Sophinas outfit is so neat and I think you are right, the pink boots are a better match to that outfit. And Sporty's vest is a perfect substitute on Sophie.

The Barbie in the cosy knit fashion is a regular Barbie mold. If the number in her nape is 1976 she's a Superstar mold, if the number is 1998 she has the Generation Girl face.

I don't know who the next girl is, but the striped dress belongs to the 1999 Riviera Barbie.

The next doll is a Teen Skipper mold. She is 1999 Hawaii Teen Skipper.

I have seen that dress in multi fashion sets.

I don't know the doll, but the dress is Sweet Roses PJ's for sure.

Congrats on completing Jewel Girl Barbie.

The next one is 2006 Beach Fun Summer

and she is wearing 2007 I Can Be Art Teacher Barbie's dress$%28KGrHqUOKpwFGy-OgyciBR%29-,FRHt!~~60_57.JPG

Next is a 2007 Fashion Fever Raquelle in her original outfit.

The dress on the little Kid Core girl belongs to the blonde 1998 Pretty in Plaid Barbie.

Next Skipper is 1998 Cool Sitter Teen Skipper.$%28KGrHqNHJCsE8gQFv%29qVBPO%28V5SUIg~~60_57.JPG

Your fun Fashionista is the first Edition Sassy and she is wearing the original dress of a My First Barbie.

Nest doll is Sweet Roses PJ and she is wearing the original dress of one of the dolls from the Barbie movie A Fairy Secret. She is a Steffie mold, but it looks a little strange because her head is pushed down on her neck.

The lady in the wedding dress looks like she might belond to the white dress Fashionista Sassy is modelling.

I think your Disney Princess might be a Cinderella. The Dress is a late Fashion Fever dress from around 2007/2008.

Congrats on getting Winter Velvet Barbie with a pristine dress.

Forestminuet said...

As always Andrea, thank you!!

I'm sure my first little doll with the cozy knit outfit is a Generation Girl but I'll check it out and see.

So exciting I have another PJ! I think she does look a little strange from the pushed on head. I think her neck might be broken. I'd love to clean her up and display her and that wonderful dress! Didn't they have a couple of different Sweet Roses dolls come in within a couple years of each other?

I don't know but I have never been a fan of Summer. She's in really good condition so I don't know what I am going to do with her yet.

I love the sassy. And now that I have some "sassy" fashions, I can properly dress her. :) I was looking her up and I saw the pink boots with the Sweet Roses dress are on her! I don't think I have the outfit though.

I never have any time to do any dolly things! I've been out of town every weekend for the past two months so I'm hoping I'll get a free day to just PLAY!! :)

Andrea said...

I keep my fingers crossed, that you can have a play-day soon!

You are right, there was 1983 PJ and there was Sweet Roses Barbie in 1989.

There was sort of a house for her. Actually it was just 4 different room boxes with basic furnishings and accessories, that could be combined to build a house. I coulndn't find pictures of these, sorry. You could also buy a lot of single furniture Sets for these rooms.

Evilkitty6661 said...

The white wedding dress, I have the same one! It's not that white any more being it has been in storage for a few years, but that is so cool.

Teresa Brown said...

Hello there!

I love the style of the wedding dress, it's really pretty.

I have quite a few things that have gone yellow after a few years. The main one was the lace on my Barbie Starlight Bed. I found that soaking it in oxy clean helped a lot and just generally leaving it out in the open air also helped fade the yellow. Hope it might work for your doll wedding dress!