Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vintage Awesomeness

Who loves vintage? I hope you all raise your hands. :) Because I have some truly vintage stuff to show you today. Not all is Barbie but I hope you all like it.

My grandmother is moving closer to my mom due to her aging memory. In the process of cleaning and packing 30 years worth of stuff, she found a small box. My dad has moved in with her to help her pack and she gave him the box and said "I want Teresa to have this."

Inside was a beautiful vintage doll.

My mom said that she thought that the bells were from her wedding cake. I can't even express how special this is for me. She is in perfect condition. Her clothes are not worn or have wear marks. Her hair is perfect and not falling out. And on the lid was a written message:

My grandmother purchased this doll at Mays Bros. when she was 16. And she is a beautiful doll.

As I said, she is in perfect condition. No chipped or fading paint.

I am not sure what she is made of. It's not porcelain but almost seems like paper mache consistency but harder if that makes sense. It is cracking from age but only on her shoes. And that may just be the paint.

A picture from the back showing her perfect hair.

What a special treasure and gift. :) I am forever indebted to her for this jewel from her childhood.

Also given to me from her were a couple of books. First, Barbie and the tale of the Missing Wedding Dress!

And the next book, just simply titled "Barbie." A cute story about a delayed flight to Denver causes Stewardess Barbie to miss her birthday party. So she creates one on the plane!

My mom asked me if I had this outfit on the cover. I said that I didn't but it doesn't mean I can't make one :) I see a future project coming on!

In the latest batch of dolls from my parents, I got some "vintage" clothes. The lady my dad bought them from said that they were from the 60's. However, they are all handmade (I can tell from the stitching.) There are a couple that are not handmade that I am curious about. Hoping you can help!

What a lovely day for this Barbie, she will be our model. We both are glad to see the sun shining today. I was getting tired of the grey skies and rain. It was tank top weather again! Any idea which doll the dress is from? :)

 First, the homemades. A strapless grey-blue dress.

I like the fabric. Neat pattern.

Next, a sheer dress which to me would probably be a nightgown.

It's very pretty and well made. The neckline needs a little repair but I love the lace.

Now we have a springtime dress, or could be a wedding dress as it has a train. Very peasant like.

The skirt has a lace overlay and although a little wrinkled, a very pretty dress.

Unfortunately this dress is a little snug even on this older style body. I was not able to get it snapped in the back! But a cute spring dress with a floral hat.

Very nice satin blue dress. I would need to re-sew the straps so that they are on the inside of the dress.

And this one is so cute. A red dress with matching cloak.

Its very cute and has a waist ribbon tie.

And a hood on back! This is cute and I kept this outfit on her.

A short red party dress with a knit beanie. Sorry, no model for this one.

Some miscellaneous accessories that also came with the handmade clothing.

Here are the two I am curious about. This one is not homemade but I could not find a tag. A beautiful peach nightie and robe set.

If it is homemade, it's well done. The hems are perfect and not an imperfect stitch anywhere.

And then this beautiful dress.

This seems like a semi-vintage fashion. Pretty!

And then there is this short robe type cover-up on the left. Also pictured with it is a swimsuit and a Fashion Avenue dress. I want to see what other accessories came with it but cannot find a picture anywhere! Can anyone help? :)

Here is the closeup of the tag from the robe.

I have a bodysuit and a pair of panties that might go with it too but not sure. Help! :)

Also while going through the other stuff I had and taking pictures I found this!

The pillow for Sleeping Beauty Barbie from my last post! However it no longer plays music and I don't think there is any way to get the unit out to change the battery. Darn.

So friends, do you have any super special vintage dolls? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


Andrea said...

That doll from your grandma is just precious. What an awesome heirloom.
I don't know much about dolls from that era, but she might be a composition doll.

Love those Barbie books, especially the stewardess one. I have that outfit, it also has blue pants to go with it.

The pink dress looks like new, even though that material tends to get pulls quicker than you can wink. I think this was part of a multi outfit clothes set.

I always love to see well made dresses, that some loving mum or grandma made for a special little girl in their life.

The pink dress with the white polka dots ist the original dress of Sweet Sixteen Barbie from the 70s. May be it fits better when you try it on a 70s body.

The peach set is unknown to me, but the material looks very much like Mattel fabrics in the 80s. The ribbon is another pro Mattel clue.

The blue dress looks very much like Mattel fabric as well.

The little white robe is part of a 1985 Barbie Fashion Fun Fashion #7903 and it's missing a white Teddy in the same material.

The bathing suit is the original swimsuit to 1995 Bathtime Fun Barbie:

The dress with the flowers is part of 1998 Fashion Avenue Boutique #20577:$T2eC16JHJHEFFmJEpvC7BSQHwENZuQ~~60_3.JPG

Vintage dolls? Non as vintage as your little treasure, but I still have some of my childhood dolls.

Forestminuet said...

You know, I bet your right. She probably is a composition doll. I love her so much :)

You have the barbie stewardess outfit?? That's so awesome!!! I just did a search and it's a United Airlines outfit. Little too expensive on etsy though. Might have to take a gander at eBay later.

Thanks for the update on the polka dot dress! I'll try it on my TnT Barbie and see if it fits better.

I found pics of the whtie robe set and I do have the matching teddy. :)

I'm so glad you have some of the dolls from your childhood. They are such a treasure. I'm so glad my mom kept hers too because I'm having way fun dressing them and seeing some of her vintage clothing displayed on my dolls.

Evilkitty6661 said...

This is like me new favourite blog to see other people that have the same things I do....this time it is the pink brides maid dress. I believe that this one and the wedding dress were a bundle pack, but I'm not sure.

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Evilkitty! It is fun and awesome to see others with the same dolls and clothes I have. The best part is I can see how others dress them on their dolls and it gives the outfits an entirely new look! I'll have to check out the bridesmaid/brides dress combo packs. I hope Google will be good to me and bring up something!