Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happily Ever After Part 4


I forgot to put this on the last post. If you want to read a little story about Raven Queen before she starts her Legacy Year at Ever After High, this short story is free for your Kindle!
Okay, on to the next rebel.

Today, it is my pleasure to present to you, the last rebel from my three pack...

Cerise Hood!

A lot of people say they don't like her name. I don't mind the name Cerise. I think it's pretty. 

Because she IS pretty! Don't you love the bangs and the white streak in the hair?

Cerise is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. I opted to leave her hood up because she really is trying to hide a "Big Bad" secret. :)

Isn't this picnic basket purse just the greatest? It's like Maddie and her teapot purse.

And she has a great ring and cuff bracelet.

But we've got to check this outfit. How cute is this! The plaid totally fits her rebel style and personality without having an outdated or boy-ish look. They did well fitting this into a funky style for Cerise. Love!

Her cloak has an awesome design on it and her hair hangs long down the back. I don't like how the hood has some glue spots on it. Kind of strange since her hood wasn't glued in the box. 

And time for THE SHOES!

Now tell me how cool these boots are. Can you just imagine these for humans? I think they would sell like hotcakes!

Just so great. They are perfect for her.

In kind of a weird scenario, Red Riding Hood married the villain from her story. Cerise's "Big Bad" secret? Having ears larger than normal and being able to out run anyone at Ever After High. However, what happens when you change Cerise Hood to Cerise Wolf?
This is an exclusive doll sold to those who preorder it and are going to San Diego Comic-Con. I WANT!
But since those won't be selling on the second hand market anytime soon, I will live with Cerise Hood and her adorable outfit. Not disappointed at all!

I'll have another post with some new additions in a few days! Until then!


Andrea said...

I'm still looking for Cerise, so far to no avail. Cerise Wolf looks awesome. I'm making a mental note to myself, to attempt a custom as soon, as the first Cerises show up on the fleamarkets.

Teresa Brown said...

ooooo, a custom! What do you have in mind??
I think Cerise would be the perfect doll for a custom. I really hope you find her soon!

Fefe Mae said...

I really like Cerise! Her outfit and boots are to die for!

Teresa Brown said...

I know! It makes me want to create some of these for myself. But I'm not a great seamstress so there goes that idea out the window! haha. I wish they sold the boots though!

Anonymous said...

My favourite!! I do love this doll. As you say, her outfit is perfectly balanced - not too tomboyish, not too girly and princessy. With you on Cerise Wolf *sigh* - have you seen her Legacy Day version though? I'm so tempted.

Teresa Brown said...

Oh her Legacy Day version is probably the only Legacy Day doll I would purchase. LOVE LOVE!! The fur-lined hood just sets the outfit. It's truly magnificent!!