Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happily Ever After Part 2


Last time I brought you my two newest Ever After High pieces: Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman. I had to buy because I could not resist the cuteness that is Ashlynn. I have them displayed on my shelf in such a cute pose because they are SOOOO in love..... ahhh :)

After I purchased Ashlynn and Hunter, I started looking for deals on the other dolls. I got a killer price at Target for Hunter and Ashlynn, I figured there were other deals to be had, especially since these dolls have been out for a bit. 

I actually found one of the better prices at for "The Rebels" three pack. :) Bet you can easily guess which ones they are. I will feature one here for you today.

And I promised my mom that I would show you her first because, after all, the shoes steal the show!

Madeline Hatter.

Madeline is the daughter of the Mad Hatter and she is just so precious isn't she? 

From what I've gathered from other blogs, Maddie tends to be a favorite among collectors. And why not? She's adorable!

If you've watched the Ever After High webisodes, you'll know that Maddie loves everything about Wonderland, riddles, and of course, tea. That's why they gave her cute teaspoon earrings and a teacup hat. 

And the purse! A teapot! So perfect for Maddie. I kept the rubber band on because I believe the top comes off. 

The beautiful purple and seafoam curly hair. LOVE!

And you can't argue with this adorbs outfit. It just fits her "Wonderland" theme.

However, what steals the show for me, is the tights and shoes. The blue polka dots and the China/teacup inspired shoes are....just....just.....I can't even describe them. Cute seems too mild. They are fabulous! 

Can I get some in a size 9? Please?

Maddie is precious in every sense of the word. I posed her in this silly pose because it fits her personality. :) 

Now don't get me wrong. I love Maddie but I kind of wished they would have given her an open mouth smile. In the webisodes she is happy and giddy ALL the time and the closed mouth seems way too serious for her. 

If you want a fun little read, pick up Madeline Hatters Story for FREE for your Kindle! It details events that happen before they get to Ever After High for their second year. A short read, takes about 10 minutes but it's a fun read.
In a few days I'll have another post for you from another doll from "The Rebel" three pack. See you then!


Fefe Mae said...

Oh my glob! Those shoes and tights are... Just... Killer!!! Love how you used the word "adorbs". I may consider getting this girl.

Teresa Brown said...

haha, I use "adorbs" probably more than I should :)

You should get her! She is just the cutest ever. And today, I saw that they even have Halloween costumes made after Maddie. This girl is starting a trend!

Andrea said...

I'm so with you on the shoes. They are just out of this world beeeeeautiful!

.Actually Maddy was the doll getting me interested in EAH. Now I wonder who the other dolls in your 3-pack are.

Teresa Brown said...

I think that Maddie was the starting point for a lot of collectors. She caught my eye too but there was just something about Ashlynn.... :) I'll have the other two posted soon (and maybe a couple others too!) I'm just so excited about this line!!

barbiebeauties said...

She really is lovely :) you've reminded me, I need to dig her out of the doll drawers and do something with her ... so looking forward to the other Alice dolls, have you seen the pics of Lizzie Hearts yet? She looks AMAZING.

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks for all your comments barbielea! yay, love the comments!

You should put Maddies hair up like her Legacy Day doll. I think it's SO adorable. :)

Lizzie Hearts.....CAN NOT WAIT! I've seen pics of her so I wonder when she will come out. I too am eagerly awaiting Kitty Cheshire. I hope they will come out with her soon as well! Kitties hair is just so cute but Lizzie will be a fan favorite for sure!