Friday, June 27, 2014

Happily Ever After part 5

Well, this could really be Happily Ever After parts 5 & 6!

I begged the hubby to let me dip into my July spending early because these dolls were just released and they were selling fast! Now they are not selling as well anymore and I could have received free shipping! :(

However, they are in my possession and I only paid $20.50 for each doll. Other dolls are priced at $21.99 or I can get them on sale at Target for $19.99. So I didn't do too bad. 

I present to you in my latest Ever After High doll collection.....

Sweet Sisters Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair

Aren't they adorable? I love how they posed them. They really are the sweetest sisters. 

However Mattel made a HUGE flub on the box. 

Take out one of your Ever After High Boxes and look at the back. On the lower left hand corner they always show two royals and list them with a crown. Then two Rebels and list them with a heart. Notice anything strange about this view of Royals and Rebels?

Raven Queen? Royal? oops!


Love these girls.

Let's start with Holly. She is the first twin, older by a "hair" so she took on the role of being the next Rapunzel. And she is perfectly happy and excited to take on the role so she fits in the royals side.

I can't even get over the hairbrush earrings. How adorable.

She wears a beautiful outfit befitting for a princess.

She comes with the standard two-finger ring. Anyone tell what it is? I can't...

Holly has the longest hair yet in an Ever After High doll. However, I personally would have loved to see hair that touched the floor. I will say that her hair took a bit of a brush to get some of the snarls out of it. It was caught under some of the bands and tags that held her in the box. But you can't argue with the beautiful red color. 

THE SHOES! Both sisters have wonderful taste in shoes!

Since Holly has spent her entire life in the tower (practicing) she has to have shoes that show where she loves to spend her time.

OMG! The detail is fabulous in these!

Now for her twin sister Poppy. Poppy was born just seconds after Holly (or was she?) Anyway.... :) Since she is the older younger sister, she gets to choose her own happily ever after and fits in with the rebels.

Poppy is a fabulous hairdresser and where as her sister has to keep her hair long, she likes to cut and experiment with new styles and colors as shown by her hair. But I do have wonder what is Mattel's reasoning for making Poppy's hair "Holiday Barbie Hard." Second doll with this hair and I almost wonder if it really doesn't keep that shape with soft hair. I also had to do a little fixing up to her hair. I had to cut some straggly ends and pick out some gel clumps. While Poppy does everyone elses hair, I will fit the role of being HER hairdresser. :) But it's an awful cute color scheme though!

She loves everything about hairstyling. Right down to her dress with scissors on it. She also has a profound love for scarves. She is wearing a plastic one with three snaps on the back. It took a little adjusting when I got her out of the box. 

She carries a bag full of styling tools. She will be ready at the right moment whenever anyone is having a bad hair day!

AND...I did not know that they come out. Yay for tiny accessories!

THE SHOES! Her love for hairsyling shows through in her footwear. A pair of scissors on the heel!

She has leggings that match well with her hot pink boots. 

Mattel? I wear a size 9. K thanks. ;)

So, here is the Ever After High Shelf! (Shared with some of my fav Barbies too.) And I admit, I love Ashlynn's shoes the best. Again, Mattel? Size 9 :)

Yes....I do have more coming! I can't help it! :) Stay tuned for the newest additions!

Until then....


Andrea said...

Congrats on these cuties, they are so gorgeous.Funny thing is, I was just drooling over Holly and Poppy on the net. Yes, those two will move in as soon as I can grab them for a decent price.

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Andrea! I do hope you can get them soon. I hope they will come down in another couple of months. With the recent release of Dexter and Lizzie Hearts very soon, I would think that these ones should be on sale. :)

barbiebeauties said...

Right, I had thought that I could manage without these dolls, but now ,,, I'm starting to doubt myself. Completely your fault :) It was the tower shoes that did it. They are incredible! I have never seen doll shoes that detailed before. Unbelievable! Lovely pics. Congratulations!!

Teresa Brown said...

Have I crumbled your resistance for these dolls? :) hehe! They are lovely once you see them in person. Get them out of their box and pose them and you'll fall in love! :)

The shoes are hard to see when they are in the box so I didn't even know that they were towers until I saw for myself. Just so cute!

Anonymous said...

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Mel Frizell said...

Teresa... I was not going to even THINK about these dolls...
However... yesterday I found a doll at the thrift and fell in LOVE with her hair.
So I knew I had seen her some place.
I was pretty sure she wasn't Bratz (I really don't like those)
I knew she wasn't Monster High either (Don't care for those either)
So I guessed on EAH.
Voila! I have Holly. She has a braid from left to right that I love.
She was of course neekid... so I found her a Barbie dress for now. Barbie shoes, no go. Perhaps someday I will find some for her... or have my Beloved make some on his printer...
More about her on my blog this evening!