Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happily Ever After Part 9

Hello Friends!

Sorry for the short hiatus. There have been a few things that have popped up that prevented me from posting. 

1. My latest package arrived late. What is with the post office these days? 
2. I found out i'm pregnant! No definitive sickiness/icky-ness yet but just kind of "blah"
3. Our house DESPERATELY needed a deep clean..... you know you just gotta do it when the time comes!

So now that my package arrived safely with my new purchases *squee* I can present to you, the last and final (so far) of the Ever After Rebels.

C.A. Cupid! 

According to the Ever After High Wiki, C.A. stands for Chariclo Arganthone. I'm not really sure how to pronounce that but okay! We'll go with C.A. :)

Cupid actually comes to us from Monster High! It's hard to tell that from her story bookmark she comes with (although she does use a lot of "Monster High" isims) but you can easily tell from her webisode titled "Here Comes Cupid." They specifically tell you that she comes from Monster High to help Ever After High students follow their true hearts desire. 

My screen capture via
Cupid is the adopted daughter of Eros, the Greek God of Love. She fits into the rebel side of Ever After High because she feels that a pre-written destiny gets in the way of true hearts desire. She does not have a pre-written destiny but was brought over from Monster High for that one purpose. However, she also thinks she can write her own happily ever after like some of the other students (Raven Queen.)

I think it's neat that they have this link because Ever After High is the spinoff of Monster High. 

Onto the doll!

I like CA and she is well most aspects. However the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Cupid has just a genuinely sweet face (I think that Ashlynn is another that has a true sweet face)

Her features are awesome, they gave her the cupid lips and her pupils have heart reflections. So cute! Her makeup is all done in pink hues.

She comes with a bow and arrow (naturally) and I chose to keep it banded to her hand. I think this is a prop that would not stay on her hand well even though there is a little hand hold for it. (if someone else had success with her holding the bow without the bands, please let me know. I'd love to get rid of them!)

She also has the standard two-finger ring. Her's looks like an arrow bent around into a ring. 

Her dress is very well designed and very reminiscent of ancient Greek mythology. From the petal type shoulders, to the wrap around front, to the cloud and arrow design on the skirt. It's cute! Cupid also wears a belt that has a design of a leaf pattern and ribbons on the side. It's cute and goes with her outfit well. 

She has a headband that bears a heart and arrow design and she wears simple black stud heart earrings. 

Her wings are attached at the neck and again we have that arrow bent into a ring theme. This is a great way to do wings as it allows you to change her outfit without compromising the functionality of the wings. Just remember how many times you couldn't change the clothes on your fairy Barbies because they would no longer have wings? No holes in the clothes for them? So this is a great move by Mattel. 

I had to redo Cupid's hair a little. In the box they push her hair out to the sides and it's slightly curled...and slightly gelled. I brushed it out because it looked funny the way it came out of the box. It's still got a wave and I'm okay with that! I'm okay with it because it's pink! You know me and dolls with pink hair!

The SHOES!!!

Okay, Mattel outdid themselves again with these shoes. Along with Ashlynn, Holly, and Maddy, we have another pair of super detailed shoes that are just plain cool. 

Her shoes are detailed with a filigree pattern on the toes, a heart where the heel and the sole meet, and an arrow for the heel. 

And I love the wings on them too! Winged shoes make me think of track shoes. (or in the video game Zelda OoT, the Hover Boots have wings on the back). In this case, they fit her theme well. 

I need to find the designer of the shoes and find out how to get these in human form. LOVE!

Lastly, Cupid comes with a little quiver to hold her love arrows :) So cute. 

Here are the cons I have with the doll. 

First, you cannot sling her quiver over her shoulder with the wings on. Having the quiver hang on her arm looks funny. So this prop has to sit by her feet. 

Second, my Cupid's joints seem to be super loose. One reason why I wanted to keep the bow attached to her hand/wrist. I tried to sit her down just now and there was such a loud popping sound I was sure I just broke her in half. Tight hip joints, loose everything else. 

Third, the stand needed to be a different design for a doll that has wings. It is impossible for her to wear the wings while on the stand. I finagled it enough that I could get the wings to look halfway decent but it's tough. 

I already know a couple of you who love Cupid! Do you love her Monster High counterpart better than her Ever After High counterpart? I think with the face styling and the cupid lips it makes the Monster High look like she's sucking in her cheeks. The MH doll is also going for high high dollars so I don't think I'll be getting her anytime soon. I'd like to have both someday though.
Do you like C.A. Cupid? Think she was a good link from Monster High to Ever After High? Think Mattel could have done something differently? Let me know in the comments!

Also, do you have the Monster High Cupid? Let me know as well!

Next post coming in a couple of days. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm the first to offer congratulations on your pregnancy! And on getting Cupid. She's cute.

Teresa F.

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Teresa! I really appreciate the congrats! Cupid is so very cute, I just love her. In fact, I have her bow and arrow pointed at Ashlynn and Hunter...not that they need!

Andrea said...

Congratulazions on your pregnancy, I'm so glad for you.

I don't have a cupid yet, but I like the EAH one better. The dress of the MH Cupid is very cute though.

No wonder that little girls become shoe addicts, when their dolls have such killer heels.

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Andrea! Its a very exciting time for sure.

I like the drip design on the MH dress, it's cute but the EAH beats out on the cuteness on all levels.

I'm honestly waiting for someone to team up with Mattel and design people shoes after MH and EAH. I think it would be a huge money maker! But that's just me.... ;)

barbiebeauties said...

Oh wow! So many congratulations, Mummy to be :) when are you due? Do you have a boy or girl preference? Keep us updated - great news x

I do have EAH Cupid and she's one of my favourites from this line so far. Like you, I never liked the face of the MH version, but I did think it was a great concept so I'm really happy that she was the "transfer student". You know what, though - I managed to lose her ring already, I think while I was taking pictures outside :( those thing are going to be so rare! Children will never keep hold of them ...

I straightened my Cupid's hair, as I didn't like how bushy it came out of the box and my version had one piece that stick up at a strange angle. It actually kept some of it's wave afterwards, though, which was nice. (I did it with just boiled water).

If you're feeling a little whoopsy in the mornings, I recommend ginger - in biscuits for instance - this really helped me :) exciting!

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks so much! I am really excited. I'm due March 8, and I really kind of want a girl. A little one to share my doll obsession with! ha!

I remember your pictures of Cupid and they were so adorable. I too did not like the hair right out of the box. Mine was poofy too and it had a little gel in it. Luckily I brushed it out with ease and I hope it flattens by being out in the open. If not I may boil it as well.

Oh yes, I have known the secret of ginger for a while now! I have bags of ginger chews for when I get a case of the tummy "blah's". But putting that in biscuits sound delish! Yum! I also want to eat everything in sight. It's bad! :)