Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Group! and a Project! and some Monster High!


I have been busy! (what's new right?) Last weekend after I photographed Apple, I realized I needed to rearrange my EAH shelf. I couldn't see Raven, Maddie, or Cerise as they were in the back. So, there was no better time than the present for a photo shoot!

The group!

Aren't they just the cutest? Apple, Briar, Raven, Madeline

Maddie, Ashlynn & Hunter, Cupid, Blondie

Blondie, Cedar, Cerise, Dexter

Cedar, Cerise, Dexter, Holly & Poppy

I love them ALL!

I also took pictures of their fabulous storybook boxes. I have never had one box not stay together after I took out the doll. I feel that these boxes have been designed well so they would hold their shape. 

I did have a picture of the entire row of them but accidentally deleted the photos from my SD card. Boo! Just pretend these two photos are together. :) 


Do you know your Royals and Rebels? Here's the list!

Apple White
Briar Beauty
Ashlynn Ella
Blondie Lockes
Dexter Charming
Holly O'Hair

Mattel has also announced three new Royals that will be making their debut soon! And I can NOT wait!

Hopper Croakington II
Duchess Swan
Daring Charming

How exciting is that!

Raven Queen
Madeline Hatter
Hunter Huntsman
C.A. Cupid
Cedar Wood
Cerise Hood
Poppy O'Hair

Mattel has also announced there will be a new Rebel to join the line! I think i'm more excited for this one than any of the royals coming out. 

Kitty Cheshire

How cute will she be with her curly pigtails? She will be a hit. 

There is also one doll that I am holding off on for a bit. Tell you why in a sec. 

The most beautiful Lizzie Hearts who falls into the Ever After High Royals.
I LOVE her.
Lizzie is our second shorter doll, sized the same height as Maddie. I have not seen her in person yet but from these photos, she looks fabulous. 

Why have I not snatched her up yet? Because I'm entering a contest. This brings me to my project!

The Ever After High Dolls page on Facebook is having a comic contest! And if I come in third place, I could win her!

The first and second place prizes? Cerise Wolf or Manny Taur and Iris Clops, the exclusive EAH and MH dolls sold at SDCC. Wow! She also throws in some other SDCC MH and EAH goodies as well. Now that's awesome!

Her contest is making a comic starring an EAH character. Pictures can either be done with photographs or hand drawn which allows those who have NO artistic drawing talent to enter!

I'm starting on my project today while the hubs is out and about. I asked him to help me come up with a story but you can see how well that went...... ;) I've got an idea though. I hope it's enough to win!

My story features the fabulous....Raven Queen!

I also went shopping yesterday to pick up some baby things and needed to buy one MH dress as a prop for my comic. Do you know that they have NO MH fashion packs in stores anymore? I figured maybe I could pick up a doll if the price was cheap enough and I liked the dress. No dice. But I did find a doll that I liked. I don't know. Maybe I'll get her. 

Monster High Freaky Fusion Dracubecca
Dracubecca is a fusion guessed it. Draculara and Robecca Steam. Cute no?

To be honest, I found all of these freaky fusion dolls super cute. I would have been tempted to buy if they were not $20.99 USD. They'll come down I'm sure.

Cleolei - Fusion of Cleo de Nile and Toralei

Lagoonafire - Fusion of Lagoona Blue and Jinafire Long (this one really gets me, cute!)

Clawvenus - Fusion of Clawdeen Wolf and Venus McFlytrap (The earrings! I can't even.....)
These Freaky Fusions are different from the hybrids that came out previously: Avea Trotter, Bonita Femur, and Sirena von Boo. I love these mashes of characters. Awesome!

I will post up my comic as soon as the contest is over, September 12. I better get to work!

Until then I'll have more Barbie posts coming up soon!

Let me know in the comments:

*Excited about the new EAH royals and rebels?
*Have any MH Freaky Fusion? Love or don't love them?
*Any EAH you plan to get in the future? (For me it's Thronecoming!!)

Until next time friends!


Andrea said...

That is quite an impressive group you gathered there. I love the pics with the EAH book packges lined up.

Cheshire Kitty would be on my list, she looks so cute.

Lizzie Hearts looks just awesome.

I haven't seen any of the Freaky Fusion dolls around yet, but I am tempted by Dracubecca, Cleolei and Lagoonafire.

Good luck with your contest, I hope you win.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, congratulations on your collection - looking fantastic!

I love Lizzie Hearts and will probably get round to buying her sooner or later. From the new bunch, I am excited about Duchess Swan and like you, I can't wait for Kitty Cheshire. I just wish her colouring wasn't quite so similar to Catrine DeMew from MH. But she does look cute!

I love Freaky Fusion, it's my favourite wave in a while. I already have a few and I'll be buying more - Mattel seem to be determined to send me bankrupt :)

Good luck with your competition! Hey, if you can't find a fashion pack why not make something for Raven? I did a post on how to make an easy dress for Monsters a while ago, they fit EAH dolls too. It's pretty simple but you could dress it up, no problem. Keep us posted, anyway!

Teresa Brown said...

Andrea - I love the book packages too. I don't have a place to display them but I'm hoping to when I get my own doll room in our new house. I'm so excited to get Kitty!

Lea - Thanks much! I am so in love with EAH. They are just too cute. I looked up Catrine DeMew. Wow, their coloring is quite similar. I wonder if they did that on purpose? Cheshire Cat in the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland was a burgundy and bright green colour, I think that would have been stunning on Kitty. She's cute anyway.

I actually thought about making a dress for Raven using your examples on your blog. I just don't have that much confidence in myself. I actually found a Barbie dress that looked so cute on her though, just had to pin in the back. And it matched the heart shoes that I bought for my Rochelle doll.