Saturday, November 1, 2014

Collection Showcase: Paint n' Dazzle Barbie and Teresa


Did everyone have a fun and safe Halloween? My husband and I decided to have a quiet evening in. I love greeting the (hordes) of trick or treaters but man, candy has gotten expensive when you are on a budget! We did take a walk where I saw a ton of creative costumes for both young and old!

Some of the gems:
A squid
Girl Mario and Luigi and their guy friend was Toad
To go along with the Mario theme I also saw Bowser and someone wearing a sandwich board that looked like bricks. Hubby and I had a good laugh at that one.
And many many Elsa's from "Frozen"

Too cute!

Well, with the coming of fall, it's getting time to stay inside and play. Barbie encourages a lot of imaginative play but what about clothes that YOU can design for Barbie? 

Here enters 1993 Paint n' Dazzle Barbie and Teresa!

Paint n' Dazzle Barbie dolls came with 2 little fabric paints and fun gems to glue on the clothes so you can give them your own little flair!

My mom and I were BIG into fabric paint. We had hundreds (yes, hundreds!) in different colors and styles. My mom made a lot of shirts for my brother and I with fabric paint. So Teresa got a few more colors than what she originally came with. 

Check her out!

Teresa came with little puff balls and foil stars to attach to her outfit. I think she looks awesome!

Her shirt has a star right in the middle

I outlined some of the designs on the coat with bright green and orange, and used some blue and orange stippling by the arms. The waistband of the pans are accented the same way. Each cuff is accented with a puff ball! (The sequins on the jacket were already sewn on)

The pants are awesome! They have a star and heart theme and a little puff ball on the thigh.

Now the back of the jacket is what I really took pride in. The back of the jacket ROCKS!
(And apparently I thought it would be a good idea to have a puff ball on the back of her pants which promptly fell off with mild play) 

And of course, little stars on the earrings.

When my mom saw how much fun I had designing Teresa, she went and bought me the Barbie too!

Unfortunately, Barbie is not so paint n' dazzled is she?

I think I got her just about the time I started to box up the dolls and not take them out again for almost 20 years. 

She still is a beautiful doll though. 

She has a cute little twist in her hair and a little fly-away it seems!

Paint n' Dazzle Barbie came with 2 little bottles of Tulip fabric paint, some silver gems and little rosebuds WHICH I CANNOT FIND. Bah! They were always in the accessory box and now they are not there. :( Sad Face. I hope they turn up somewhere! 

The pom poms and comb are Teresa's. I went wild with her even dazzling her comb! (I think I even dazzled her shoes but it peeled off the plastic.)

I love featuring dolls from my childhood. It's fun to remember back to when I played with them! These two were some serious fun!

Friends, do you have Paint n' Dazzle Barbie or Teresa? Or maybe one of her other friends! (There was a redhead, AA dolls, and a CAR!)

If you dressed up your Paint n' Dazzle dolls, I'd love to see the pictures (or links to them) in the comments!


Tomorrow on Nickeloden at 12PST, there is the Ever After High:Thronecoming special! (From what I hear it's also on Netflix.) If you're a fan, tune in and see who will be crowned Thronecoming Queen! (Raven,Raven,Raven) ;)

Until next time!


Andrea said...

You sure had fun dazzling up Teresa. I love the star design on the back of her jacket.

So the brunette is a Teresa, I had always considered her a Barbie, since she is sporting the Superstar Facemold.

I have the brunette doll and the Shani doll from this line, but since they both are fleamarket scores they didn't come with the fabric paint.

Teresa Brown said...

Andrea, you are correct. It is a brunette Barbie. In my mind all brunettes are Teresa's! I honesty just realized she was a Barbie today when I was looking for other Paint n Dazzle dolls on google. I would love to get the redhead doll someday! How awesome you got the Shani!

ag lover 2003 said...

I recently ordered the red-head and the blonde. so excited to see them in person!!!!