Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Its a...


Well, we've had snow, snow, and more snow! It snowed for 2 days straight and sub-0 temperatures didn't help the cause. :( It was a blizzard pretty much and I couldn't even get to work until it let up! It's been crazy to have this much snow this early in the winter season!

Before the snow flew, I got in my checkup and found's a BOY! Yay! I would have been excited with either but now I know what color to buy! I'm beyond excited. Unfortunately mommy's doll obsession will have to stay just mommy's but for now I'm totally stoked to be having a little boy!

So I decided that I will make a post featuring Barbie's favorite guy, Ken!

I have acquired quite a few Ken's over the years. Most have been featured on this blog but I do have one new addition to show you. 

First, we have "Cali Girl" Ken. Now, why they don't call him "Cali Boy" Ken is beyond me! You can read the post here! 

One of my favorite Ken's of all time. The Toy Story Barbie and Ken in Hawaiian Vacation. If you have not seen this toy story short yet, do it. It's awesome. :) You can read about him here! 

At a garage sale a while back I scored this handsome guy to go with one of my favorite dolls from my childhood. Superstar Ken! Read about him here! 

My awesome readers informed me that this thrift store find was the Ken from Barbie in a Mermaid Tale. I picked him up in this post.

The above Ken also was invited by Teresa to go camping in her awesome motorhome. Another Ken was also invited along. Read about them here! 

My parents picked up some sweet dolls for me at a garage sale. One of them included Ken as the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz! Read about him and the others here! 

During my childhood I got Sun Sensation Ken. He looks great with my Spash and Color Kira. Read about them here! 

And now, the newcomer! This is My First Ken!

This Ken truly was "My First Ken." My mom never bought Ken dolls. She thought that he was not good looking so she refused. :)  But when I complained that Barbie did not have a date she bought me ONE. One boy for about 30 gals. I'm sure he was excited! haha

Ken is very dapper wearing a purple satin tuxedo jacket and a bow tie. (He's actually a prince but I have no idea where his crown is at the moment.)

His shirt and pants are actually one large bodysuit. This is part of the "My First" collection. Easy clothing pieces and non-sticky vinyl make for the quick changing of clothes on these dolls. 

While this Ken had his choice of girls to go to the dance with, he always chose this girl.

Gift Giving Barbie! Why? Well, she is also wearing purple!

They are so cute aren't they? 

So there is my post for today. I am going to venture out into the land of snow to see if there are any more goodies at the thrift store. I also bought another doll that I will feature soon! (I don't have her yet, maybe she will come this weekend!)

Friends, what is your favorite Ken doll you own? 

Until next time!


Andrea said...

Congrats on getting a little boy! I bet you enjoy the baby shopping even more, now.

Your My First Ken looks great. Does he have bendable legs, or is he a stiffie. I think I have his suit somewhere in my stash. Those "onesies" for grown men always made me chuckle.

Actually I have two favorite Kens, the 60s Mod Ken and the other would be Aragorn from the LOTR Giftset.

Teresa Brown said...

He is a poor old chap and is a stiffie. I can't remember if my newer Kens have bendable legs, I'll have to check it out!

I think you mentioned to me before that you had the Aragorn LotR doll. And I am so JEALOUS! :) Lord of the Rings is my absolute favorite anything. I can't wait for the next Hobbit movie. Just a couple more weeks! :)