Saturday, October 25, 2014

Birthday Gift #3


For this post, I want to show you a birthday gift that I didn't buy for myself, but that a friend bought for me. I really didn't care that anyone buys me gifts for my birthday (except the hubby, hehe) but I have some very sweet and generous friends. 

One friend bought me this and exclaimed "I looked through the whole rack to find the prettiest ones!"

Isn't my friend the sweetest? This is a collection of night evening wear. And judging by the picture, maybe from "Life in the Dreamhouse"? Or maybe it's just a closet. 

Anyway, if you haven't purchased any new-in-box Barbie clothes lately, these are a PAIN to get out of the box. I don't know why they insist on making them so ridiculous. 

(My niece got the Barbie Glam Bathroom a few weeks ago for her birthday and I insisted on "helping her" to take it out of the box.) A child would not be able to do it. 

But this gave me a chance to go through my "naked" dolls, find a couple newer bodies that didn't need a bath and got these BFF's all ready for their night on the town. 

All glammed up and ready to go!

The blonde doll is wearing the purple and silver halter dress with a fabulous asymmetrical hem. She also is carrying a purple sparkly wrist purse.

The brunette doll is wearing a teal one shoulder shirt with a silver brooch and a shiny purple zebra print skirt with a silver belt. 

I do want to say that I am glad that with the introduction of the Fashionistas, they started making some great detailed shoes. I mean, we all know that the open or closed toe pump is classic "Barbie" but these shoes just add so much more to the outfit. 

The silver shoes with the silver and purple dress are closed toe with a T-Strap, reminiscent of a gladiator style.

The black heels are ankle-high, lace up, strappy sandals. 

So friends, do you have these dresses in your collection? Love them as much as I do? Let me know in the comments!

Next up on the blog, the two Barbies I have been promising to feature. (I tend to get sidetracked....)

Until then!


cheezecakegirl said...

That's not from LiTD, that's just a fashion pack. Mattel is just using those images for everything nowadays, ugh :( Yes, the Fashionista shoes are amazing! I love your blog and have been reading for ages, I just haven't posted before.

Andrea said...

How sweet of your friend to get you doll clothes.

I haven't seen those in the shops yet, I have to keep my eyes open for them. The shoes are divine.

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks chezecakegirl! Glad you have been following and welcome! Good to know about the LitD image. :)

Andrea, the shoes! I know, I can't get over them. I went looking for a Fashionista shoe pack the other week and didn't find any that struck my fancy. I guess I'm too spoiled with MH and EAH shoes! But the ones that came with this fashion pack are great!