Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Birthday Gift to me #4


So, I found an amazon gift card that I hadn't used yet. (Which is rare for me because I shop there a lot and I think it got lost in the pit that is my office) :) It was a birthday gift from a friend so figure I better use it!

So I purchased another Amazon warehouse deal and got the most beautiful Thronecoming Apple White. (Again, with the warehouse deals, the box is a little crushed/damaged but it still holds it's cute storybook shape!)

Now Apple White is not one of my favorite characters of Ever After High but I do love her Thronecoming doll. Ball Gown and Sparkles in her hair? Yes!

The strands of hair along her face are really elegant.

Her outfit resembles a Snow Fox so she has some faux fur around the sleeves of her dress bodice. She also has a plastic piece that acts as a collar and belt. 

Her purse is really cute as it is a fox tail with red and gold accents.

And her mask also is a fox face.

Now for the skirt!

The most bottom layer is a solid red nylon with a sheer gold glitter overlay. Then the waist part of the gown is gold nylon with a black glitter fox decal with a sheer overlay with the fox decal in gold. These two pieces are secured with a black bow on each side. Beautiful!

Her shoes are simple black open-toe sandals with a red bow. In her stand the skirt lifts a little and you can see her shoes. Because the shoes are everything right? :)

Her hair goes well past her bottom, much longer than her first wave counterpart. Maybe because she straightened it rather than curled it? It's really pretty with the top part pulled into a high ponytail. 

One thing I did notice is while her ponytail and front strands have the glitter, the back part of her hair did not have any glitter in it. 

OH, there's all the glitter strands. Now this bugs me! Why did Mattel feel the need to put most of her glittery strands behind all her hair? Isn't the point of the glitter to, oh, I don't seen???

Apple has pretty earrings that are a bow with dangles. I have some paint. I might try my hand at painting the jewels red!

She has a beautiful red corsage and somewhat iridescent elbow length gloves with red bows at the top. On her right glove, I removed the rubber band that holds the bow up. I recommend not taking that off. The bow has a tendency to spin and go underneath her arm.

She has "jewels" on her face similar to the other Thronecoming dolls and she has sparkly white eye shadow. 

Al in all, I am very happy with this Apple White doll. She is very pretty and is a very awesome addition to my Ever After High collection!

I'm also excited to add this girl to my collection when she comes out!

Kitty Cheshire! Except I'll have to redo her pigtails. One big curl on each. Should be easy with a boil dip right? :) And adorable hat and purse!

So everyone, what do you think of Thronecoming Apple White? Thinking of adding her to your collection? 

Until next time!


Andrea said...

Congrats on getting Apple! She is really cute.

Bummer, they hid all shiny strands under her hair. I'm partial on glitter strands in common, though. They look great unless the doll's hair is brushed a couple of times. But then they start to becume dull and tear easily. Most of the times I pull the glitter stuff out, when a doll is designated for play.

Kitty will be on my list as well. Love her Kitty headband and purse.

Teresa Brown said...

I can't remember a doll that I had played with when I was younger that had glitter strands. I think all mine were regular hair. :) But I can see how that would be troublesome. Maybe it's a good thing that TC Apple's strands are underneath if she is going to be brushed and played with :)

I love Kitty so much. I know, the headband and purse get me every time!

Andrea said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family and a happy new year! Hugs

Teresa Brown said...

Merry Christmas to you too Andrea! Have a good one and safe travels if you're traveling this weekend. *many hugs!*

Anonymous said...

I love her!! STILL don't have an Apple, although I am working on a technique to colour doll hair (you remember I wanted a black-haired Apple?). Maybe this is my one :)

Kitty Cheshire - I am so excited about this one, all the Alice dolls in fact (I see there's going to be Alice's son and also a white rabbit).

Teresa Brown said...

I think this doll would be a perfect candidate for the hair recolor. Wouldn't black hair look stunning against her light color dress? Do it! The Thronecoming dolls prices are coming down here in the US.

I also love the Wonderland dolls. I've seen Bunny White and Alistair Wonderland. Definitely getting them! Have you seen Ginger Breadhouse? She is adorable!