Friday, December 5, 2014

Yoo Dara


Has your December already been as crazy as mine has? Hoo boy! Also I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

It's been a while since I visited the parents so they had a few dolly finds to give me. I love that!

This summer while my dad was traveling in Idaho he came across these adorable little dolls called "Yoo Dara." I had never heard of them but as I started to look at them on their website, I am itching to get more of them. Each doll has their own "power" to help you through this thing we know as life. :) 

The first adorable doll we have is "Minnow". Minnow "gives you the power to ride the waves as you surf through life." My parents know I LOVE surfing so this little cutie holding a surfboard definitely went into the shopping bag.  

Man, she has some kind of crazy hair! Love!

Next we have "Robbie." Robbie "steals the heart of the one you love and protects you from being alone." 

How adorable is he!

I love the little eyes with the mask. So cute!

Each Yoo Dara come from a tribe. Minnow is from the Power Tribe and Robbie is from the Protection Tribe. There is also the Good Luck Tribe and the Wisdom Tribe. And because of their super magical powers, not recommended for children under 13. :)

There are so many characters and all of them are so adorable. You can read about their story and check them out at 

These adorable string dolls remind me of my little Astroneil that I got not too long ago. Remember this guy? 

So friends, what do you think of these little string cuties? Do you have any? Let me know in the comments!

Next time, more fabulous dolly finds.

Until then!


Andrea said...

I never saw anything close to them in our stores, they are cute. My favorite would be Robbie. He is really a cutie with his mask.

Well, my December was not too busy, but I almost forgot to stuff my kids shoes with goodies on Saint Nicholas yesterday. But I was lucky as I got an accidentally reminder from friends, lol.

Teresa Brown said...

I love Robbie. So cute. I just loved "he steals the heart of the one you love." adorable!

Oh goodness! I'm glad you didn't forget Saint Nicholas day! We don't have that tradition here in the US but I do have some friends who celebrate it with their children. I'm glad your friends reminded you, got to keep the faith in St. Nick alive! :)