Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thronecoming Playset

Well friends, I finally got it! My Briar Beauty Thronecoming playset is deboxed and photographed!

And it took FOR-EVER to get this thing out. Well, the playset itself was not bad. Just pull the unit out and the accessories came in one bag. The doll however, was glued, taped, stapled, I almost had to call the Fire Department to help get her out of her entrapment. 

Well, I finally got her out and got some pictures taken! She is much more lovely out of the box, wouldn't you agree?

She has very lovely makeup and her earrings are chandeliers like the one that comes with the playset. 

Like mentioned before, her thronecoming dress is more of a party dress than a ball gown like the other dolls. It follows her theme of roses rather than her "animal" theme (which is a unicorn). I love the plastic bodice and really fits the outfit (rather than being cheesy like Duchess Swan's).

She has painted on black gloves with silver roses at the top of the sleeve. Also comes with a standard two finger ring (which I cannot tell what it is.)

Her shoes are awesome and now that I got a good look at them, they are better than what I originally thought. I love the vines around the ankle and the roses and thorns on the heel. 

Her hair has purple and the shiny tinsel mixed in. I like how the shiny is on the top rather than underneath the hair like Apples.

Briar does not come with a purse and comb. Her hair was very matted down so it did take a good brushing to get some body back into it. 

She also comes with the mask of a unicorn. I forgot to picture her with it. 

Briars "box" looks like the standard background of the other boxes. This was taped in the big box so it took a while to dislodge this cardboard.

What's cute about this set is that it looks like a storybook. 

The spine holds the doll.

And the back has a scene from the Enchanted Forest. 

You open the book by opening this flap.

There are three scenes that you can act out with this set. First is Briar's dorm room. A place for the girls to get ready for the dance!

Briar has a nice bed with roses on the comforter and a B on the pillow.

There is a hanger in case you want to hang up her dress. (Not that there is much for Briar to change into since there are no EAH fashion packs.)

There is also a place to hang her thronecoming mask. You have to hang it backwards though because of the bend in the handle. 

There is a table which holds Briar's mirror

And there is a super awesome high back chair.

The chair back can be switched with the pillows on the headboard of the bed to make a short back chair if you wanted. I love the high headboard but I like the high back chair better. 

The backdrop of her dorm room is super detailed which I like. The chandelier hangs from a string of roses.

Now there are a lot of people who are unhappy with the cardboard cutouts that come with the set. I don't think it's a big deal if you are careful with it (which we all know that some kids aren't!) But what I do not like is my cardboard cutouts do not open the way they are supposed to. My roses fold back into itself no matter which way I try to bend it. So that's a bummer.

Onto the dance!

There is an awesome purple gate that the attendees can enter through.

And a refreshment table!

Why am I in love with the refreshment table? Oh yeah, TINY ACCESSORIES! A cupcake, cake and two cups for punch.

Again, a super detailed backdrop of the refreshments. 

And on the adjacent page, we have the DJ table. This is another cardboard cutout that does not stay down well.

It does have a hole in the back so you can stick Briar in there so she can mix the tunes for the dance. My Briar was already put away so I used a doll I had close at hand, my new Skipper. And the doll does help the DJ table stay down however, you would have the leave the doll in there for a long time to get the cardboard to mold and have it stay down by itself. 

Then there is a regal ladder going up to the roof so you can look out over the enchanted forest. The platform is wide enough for a doll and the stand. But the fence is disproportionate to the height of the dolls so they would look much better on the ground floor.

Super detailed staircase. I like it!

One of the accessories was an Ever After High logo charm that can connect to the front of the storybook case. I won't leave it there as it doesn't lie flush and would get caught on something in storage. 

And when you are ready to put it away, everything stores nicely in the bottom of Briar's bed.

Except a couple of things. The table stores in the spine of the book on Briar's dorm side.

And the staircase needs to be taken apart to store in the spine on the party side.

Then the bed stores in the spine of the book where the doll is stored.

And one last thing. The mirror insert in Briar's room can reverse and/or be taken out for your own Briar bookmark.

So all in all, this is a cute playset and perfect for the girl who wants a doll and something to play with on the go. Because everything stores within itself and all the pieces are "secured", it makes sure that nothing falls out when opened. I just wish the cardboard fold outs were a little better thought out. 

So friends, what are your takes on this set and Thronecoming Briar?

Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know all that was in those sets. Pretty cool! No wonder you were anxious to open it. Love the picture of the enchanted forest!

I like her dress, too. When I look at them in the stores, I never see all the details of their outfits and shoes. It's fun to read your reviews to discover all the little tie-ins to the theme of the doll.

Teresa F.

Andrea said...

I love her hair coloring and her shoes are awesome.

I'm not so fond of the foldout cardstock pieces of the set. I bet those won't last long when played with them.

I do like the book look of the playset. A clear plastic window in the spine opening would have been nice for dust protection, though.

Teresa Brown said...

Teresa - I also LOVE the Enchanted Forest. I think it's the best picture on the whole playset :) I think that is one of the fun things about the EAH dolls is all the tie-ins to their character. The shoes are always the best. (Like Holly O'Hair's shoes?)

Andrea - I think the hair is just awesome too. So pretty. And good call on the plastic piece in the spine. I'm sure that's a huge dust collector in there when not being played with. Dust on dolls is no good!