Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Beautiful Ballerina


Can you believe that my little one is ONE MONTH OLD already? In a way it seems like this month has gone really slow and really fast at the same time. It's been fun and exhausting, this mommy is tired *sigh* But she loves her little man! 

First, an announcement! I have gotten the bug to finish the Benny project! Remember this from SO long ago? You can read about it below:

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So why have I gotten the bug to sew again? Who knows but it may not happen quickly as I have a little one to attend to. But we shall see! Stay tuned :)

I lied. I do know why I got the bug to sew again. It's because I went to the fabric store to buy some fabric for a sleep sack for my little one and I found the perfect black satin to make my Courier's dress. 

Now, as the title suggests, this post is about a beautiful ballerina. 

The fabulous new addition - Duchess Swan!

Isn't she awesome?

Duchess is a royal and the daughter of the Swan Queen. If you recall the fairy tale, Duchess is a princess however is doomed to life as a swan instead of a human. Because of this fate she doesn't think she gets the "princess" respect that she deserves so she comes across as mean and is willing to point out flaws in other royals to make her look better. And from the webisodes, she's a great antagonist. 

However, Mattel I think has been slacking with EAH dolls. Doll Duchess does not fit Webisode Duchess.
As you can see, she wears kind of a corset top and has more white hair than black. And her necklace is more simplistic than on the doll. I do like the doll however. 

The head piece on the doll seems more extravagant than the one she wears in the webisode. She does have the same ruffle on the sleeves and the makeup is similar. 

Here is where I'm frustrated. The corset top I don't think would be that hard to even print on the dress. This plastic piece doesn't do it for me. The dress is much darker but the feather print on the skirt is the same and I do like it. It's sparkly and pretty. 

She carries a ruffly pink purse which I totally think fits her style.

She also has the standard two-finger ring in the shape of a swan. 

She has the same earrings as her webisode counterpart however has a bracelet which has been added. 


I love Duchess' shoes. They are platform on the toes to give the appearance of ballet toeshoes.

They've got some great detail on them too!

However, her tights have changed in the doll version. In the webisodes she wears white tights that have a design down the leg. I believe there is a person on Etsy who makes these tights for your Duchess doll.
Her hair is in a nice curl that came out of the box well. I'm sure you could brush it and straighten it out if you wanted. Personally, I like the curl!

All in all I like Duchess, I just wish they would make her a little more true to life. I'm going to try my hand and painting her headpiece and see if I can make it a little more lively. Ah, another project! 

Friends, what do you think of Duchess? Are you planning on adding her to you collection? 

Stay tuned for the Thronecoming Briar Beauty post. I should have the playset I can debox next week!

Until then!


Andrea said...

How cute Jacob is! Looks like a nap attack is starting soon.

I like Duchess Swan - except for that plastic Hairpiece and that plastic Corsage. The hairpiece could be pimped with colour, but that chunky cincher, no way.

Teresa Brown said...

Oh yes, he was quite sleepy and was ready for mom to stop taking pictures!

Yeah, that necklace..... There has got to be a barbie necklace that matches Dutchess'. I'll have to check. :) And then some black ribbon for the corset top! This could be a fun project. I may even have some string pearls for the headpiece