Friday, April 3, 2015

I'm back!


I'm back (quickly). The baby is rocking in his swing after being fed so I figure this would be a good time for an update! However, this is a short post (I'll get to that in a minute.) But, baby update! Yesterday he turned 3 weeks old! He's so cute!

We've had some hard days (and nights!) and some easier days. Earlier this week he went through a growth spurt where he wanted to feed ALL.THE.TIME and he was inconsolable. We seem to be doing better now! He'll actually go down for a nap in the swing at times (like now!) so mommy can get some food and take a break. Hubby leaves the house at 8am and returns at 4 so by the time we get up around 8 or 9, change, feed, nap, feed again, etc...daddy is almost home. So it's been okay being at home with him by myself. I honestly didn't think I could do it at first but I'm adjusting and we both are learning along the way. 

I will say though, keeping the house low-key is ideal. Getting him overstimulated is the worst and then he will NOT go down for bedtime. So we've been keeping most of the blinds closed and we've been on Pandora a lot with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (*swoon*)
Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Dean Martin? Like, if he were alive today and asked me to marry him I would say yes and current hubby would have to deal with me having two husbands (joking, kinda) ;)

Okay, dolly stuff!

We do not have a Toys R Us anywhere close to where I live. In fact, the closest one is about 150 miles away. This sucks because they usually have the most extensive selection of Ever After High, Monster High, and Barbie dolls. 

Well, it so happens that hubby's grandmother lives in the city with the nearest Toys R Us. Unfortunately she passed away last December and a couple months ago, hubby had to go help prepare her house to be put on the market. (I stayed home because I was REALLY prego.) I kindly asked him if he could look for an item I wanted at Toys R Us since he was going there to pick up the baby's car seat anyway. 

He told me that they did not have what I was looking for but then I received this in the mail.


He bought it! Finally! I now have the complete Thronecoming collection!

So why is this the shortest post ever?

Because I can't take her out yet. 

Remember back to my Sister's Tiki Bar post where I mentioned that the playset was missing the pineapple carafe prop. So Mattel sent me a $30 voucher to compensate for their lack of part and for my "inconvenience." That is why I asked hubby to look for this at Toys R Us. 

However, the voucher has to be used at a store and cannot be used for online purchases. So what the store did is they ordered it online, had it shipped to me, then next time I'm back in town, return it then buy it again using the voucher. Success! Since this came out mid last year, finding it in a store was next to impossible. It was also a popular item. So that is why there is not a full detailed post about this playset as I can't open it yet. 

Do you even realize how hard this is for me? HAHA

So I did take some pictures of the fabulous Thronecoming Briar Beauty through the box. 

And she is fabulous no?

However, I'm thinking that because Briar comes with this playset, they toned down her dress. It's not as much of a ball gown as the other four dolls. Also, I'm thinking because Briar is a "party girl" so she has to have more of a party dress than a gown. 

It's pretty though and continues with her rose theme that she has going on in her other outfit. 

I however LOVE her hair color scheme. For me it's right up there with Raven's. The pink and sparkles. I can't wait to take her out. And I love the rose and thorn chest piece she has going on. 

The shoes are not as fabulous as they could have been in my opinion. I think that if she has a short dress, she needs to have some killer shoes. These are nice and I like the thorn ankle straps but they need a little more. 

This set is still pretty spendy at a whopping $50 but I'm actually only paying $20 so that's worth it. It has come down in price now at Target and Amazon but online only. So if you want her, now is the time!

So that's it for now! BUT, did you know there are some more Ever After High dolls coming out soon? And you can bet your entire collection that I will be getting them! Look them up on Google!

Allistair Wonderland (Our third boy in the EAH line!)
Bunny Blanc
Rosabella Beauty
Faybelle Thorn
Darling Charming (This is the one I most want!)

AND...what if Raven Queen followed in her true destiny?
Not sure where "Evil Raven Queen" will end up for purchase but you can be sure that I WILL have her!

I'm going to use some of my miscellaneous money to buy me a new dolly so next time, I should have her! Until then!


Anonymous said...

Jacob is so cute! I just love his hair - so much of it and how it sticks up here and there on his head! Was he born with all of it or did it come in recently?

I took a quick swing down the dolly aisle at my local Wal Mart to see if they had any of the new Cinderella merchandise (and no, not really) but they seemed to have a lot more of the Monster High, EAH, etc. than usual.

Teresa F.

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Teresa! Actually he was born with all that hair! Crazy! The only change is its getting lighter in color but its still so so cute.

I don't know what is up with our Wal-Mart. We never have any new selection of EAH or MH dolls. I have been restricted to buying them online! And what is this Cinderella merchandise you speak of? I'll have to check it out!

Andrea said...

Jacob is such a cutie. Such a sweet little face and his hair is great.

I'm so with you on Dean Martin, I fell for his voice in my teenage years and bought every record I could get my hands on. I still have them. I admire his easy going performance.

Congratulations on completing the Throne Coming collection. Briars hair looks awsome. I'm such a sucker for brunette dolls with pink streaks. Strangely none of my usual "go-to" stores seem to have any EAH dolls.

Andrea said...

Where was my mind? I totally blanked out:

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa!

I was looking specifically for the new Princess and Me Cinderella doll from Jakks Pacific. I think she would be 18" like the other P & Me dolls but she has golden curls and pretty brown eyes and looks more realistic than the other P & Me dolls. She may only be available at Toys R Us since that is the only place I have seen the Princess & Me dolls.

I thought she was supposed to be available when the movie came out but I haven't had a chance to get to TRU to check for sure. I read about her on's blog (Feb. archives) and saw a picture of her when Ashley was doing reports from the NY Toy Fair.

Teresa F.

Teresa Brown said...

Happy Easter Everyone!

Andrea - Albums of Dean Martin would be awesome. Maybe I can find some someday! Yeah, I don't know what it is about not getting any new EAH dolls. I can't seem to find any of the new ones. I have yet to see Dexter in stores. Not to mention Kitty or Dutchess Swan. I get them on Amazon!

Teresa - Yes I did see those on her blog! Those were so cute. I hope you can score them!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! He's just so beautiful. Yeah, that constant feeding business is hard work, but stay strong, it doesn't last for long - my boy evened out a lot at three months and by five and a half months he was starting to take a bit of baby rice. Blink and you'll miss it :)

I just despair with EAH, so many I want and they are so expensive over here - plus I'm trying (quite unsuccessfully) to keep myself on a dolly diet ... She's lovely, anyway. Hope you get them swapped so you can debox soon :)