Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Let's all welcome.......#2

In my last post you saw that I purchased Bunny with a gift card I received as a Christmas gift. I mentioned that I bought a couple of dolls. Here is the other newcomer to the group.

Meet Faybelle Thorn!

I love Faybelle mostly because of her color scheme. Remember back in the day when purple and teal was the IN thing? (it was when I was back in grade school.) Everything had to be purple and teal. Faybelle sports this color scheme and pulls it off really well. 

Faybelle is the daughter of the Dark Fairy from Sleeping Beauty. She has a design around her eye that adds to her fairy persona. In the webisodes she has the design around both eyes but on a doll probably would have been a little much. She has a purple shimmer skin tone (similar to one of the MH dolls) and her headband is vines with a teal bow. 

I'm not sure what her earrings are supposed to be. A key maybe? Anyone know what it is?

Faybelle is dressed in a fabulous tunic with lace tulip sleeves. She wears purple leggings. 

Since Faybelle is the leader of the "cheerhexing" team her purse looks like a pom-pom. Cute!

Faybelle's hair is in a ponytail and her fairy wings are held on in the front like Cupid's. Cupid's however are larger and interfere with the stand where as Faybelle's don't. 


Faybelle wears lace-up teal boots with a design on the heel. 

 Nothing too fancy about these ones. 

Faybelle is a royal as she 100% embraces her evil destiny. I just counted and this brings the count in my collection to 11 Royals and 10 Rebels! 

What do you think of Faybelle? Do you have her in your collection or planning on getting her? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


April B. said...

Could her earring be a long stem rose? That's what it looks like to me.

Andrea said...

i think April is right. They do look like a rose with thorns on the stem. She is on my list as well, as soon as she shows up in the only store near me, that still has EAH on the shelves.

Teresa Brown said...

Okay, that's it, the long stemmed rose. Makes sense, she is in Briar's (Sleeping Beauty) story. Thanks April!

Andrea - there is only ones store that has EAH around you? Depressing! There is really a lack of new EAH dolls around here too. Toys R Us is the big store that has all the newer dolls but the closest one is 3 hours away. Around here I see a ton of the Apple/Raven school spirit 2 pack, Dragon Games Apple with her dragon and the tall Way Too Wonderland Maddie. Some have Courtly Jester as well but I can get her much cheaper on Amazon.