Sunday, May 8, 2016

Let's all welcome.......

So I received a VISA gift card from my brother for Christmas and last month realized that I hadn't used it yet. So what better thing to buy than dollies right? 

Well, there were a couple that I just HAD to have in my collection. (In reality I want them ALL but you know, money.)

So I searched for the best prices and decided to add this little girl to my collection. 

Introducing, Bunny Blanc!

Most of you know I just LOVE the Wonderlandians from EAH. Bunny has been out for a while but, because of money, I couldn't get her just yet. She's come down in price so I figured now was a good time to pick her up. 

I like her and she has a sweet face but the gelled hair is such a turn off! I will be washing that the next chance I get. There is an issue with Bunny about some terrible eye wonk. She has a little but it's nothing I can't get past. 

Super duper stiff hair. This really shows the gaps where the hang tags are. Just another reason to wash it out. 

Don't you love her ears and hat?  

She has the cutest mint green skirt with a clock pattern and grey vest with a fur trim. She wears black gloves with cuffs that look like button-down shirt sleeve cuffs. 

Her (non-functional) purse is a clock. Mine has scuffs on it. Not sure if they will come out or not. 


Bunny wears side button knee high boots. They totally fit Bunny's style!

Also if you notice, they have little puff ball "Bunny tail" poms on the back and the heel is shaped to look like an hourglass. Awesome!

And now, I have to take a picture of the entire group together. All the Wonderlandians!

The fabulous Kitty Cheshire, Lizzie Hearts, Allistair Wonderland, Bunny Blanc and Madeline Hatter!

What do you think of Bunny? Is she going to make it into your collection? 

I'll have another newcomer next time. Stay tuned!


Andrea said...

You just can't resist the Wonderland theme. Bunny is cute, but her hair definitely needs care to get rid of the stiffness. I love her boots and the ear headpiece, too cute.

Teresa Brown said...

Yes, she is a cutie! I'm definitely going to wash out the gel. Every time I look at her I get the itch to do it.