Friday, May 20, 2016

Let's all welcome.......#3

I've been doll buying crazy lately!

I have again another newcomer. Yay!

I was shopping at Toys R for a tub spout protector for Jacob. I looked in the doll section and saw a deal I just couldn't pass up. 

Introducing The Teenage Evil Queen!

She was a whole $12 and if I spent $15 I got free shipping. Combine that with the tub spout protector and I had a great deal!

The Teenage Evil Queen comes to us from the Dragon Games movie. She is also known as Mira Shards. (GREAT play on words by the way, I love that name.) 

So just how does Raven's mom escape the mirror and disguise herself as a teenager at Ever After High? There are spoilers below so scroll past if you don't want to read or haven't watched the "Dragon Games" film yet.

*** Apple White is angry because in Way Too Wonderland, Raven signs the Storybook of Legends, gains new powers and is using them for good at EAH. She is now the favorite and most popular among her peers. Apple contacts her magic mirror for advice, The Evil Queen hijacks the mirror and puts her in a trance to travel to the mirror where the Queen lives. The Evil Queen provokes Apple and she throws an apple at the mirror, shattering it and releasing the Evil Queen. She disguises as a student to try to reason with Raven that she should use her powers for evil. She is to pose as Apples new best friend and if not, Mira will tell everyone that Apple was the one who let her free. ***


Mira stays true to her webisode form and I just LOVE her outfit. She has fiery red hair mixed with purple and a beautiful headdress which is held on by hangtags. 

Her hair is in a long ponytail. It's beautiful and soft but did need a good brush coming out of the box. 

She has a chestplate with a small collar and black chandelier earrings. 

Her skirt is beautiful with a lace design on her right side and part of her belt on the left. The "drips" coming off the belt gives it a wonderfully evil vibe! She has a petticoat to make the skirt flare and her trim is black with silver to resemble a shattered mirror. 


These are great shoes. Kind of take on Ashlynn's shoes in that they have a vine spiraling up the ankle.

The vine spiral down the heel and the backs are made to look like the collar both Raven and her mom have. 

I was curious how alike Raven and her mom in Teenage form looked. I can see a resemblance! 

The dolls are actually the same height but the way they are positioned on the stand makes Mira look taller. 

So, let's have a look at the entire shelf! I am going to be sad to see this nice display case go. This is the perfect way to display my EAH collection. I'll have to make a new shelf for them at the new house.

Mira is down on the end table with the lamp. My Way Too Wonderland Lizzie is there too. As you can see, it's getting quite crowded up there! The top shelf is not tall enough for a doll to stand up.   

Well, what do you think of Mira Shards, the teenage evil queen? Will she be joining your collection? Let me know in the comments!

I'm going to start a new mini-series featuring some throwback dolls from my personal collection. It will be fun to take a trip down memory lane and feature some dolls that may be new to all of you! I can't wait to get started on it. 

See you all then!   


Andrea said...

She is definitely on my my list, Teresa. I love dolls with unusual hair colors and she is adorable.

Teresa Brown said...

She is great! I love how they chose those colors for her hair. Just love everything about her!