Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Wardrobe Expands! Part 1

Welcome again!

Today I have clothes, clothes and more clothes! Wow, this is going to be fun! Thanks to my dad who finds these clothes for me! I never find any clothes, what's up with that? I love clothes and I love to do laundry (even dolly laundry!) so getting more clothes is right up my ally.

Let's see what we have, shall we? And as always, ID's are always welcome! 

I think I know where this came from. :) One of the only two pieces with a Genuine Barbie tag. 

Has beading at the top.
Yep! The 2004 Holiday Barbie. The green version (I have the red version.)

All of these have no tags. Strange. Two skirts, pink and purple. Purple has tulle on the sides. 

Three dresses. One says "Barbie" on the belt. So we know that one is Genuine Barbie (it also has a tag.) The other two dresses are smaller, maybe for a Skipper doll. 

Three pairs of pants and two capris.

5 tops and one shrug. I love the white blouse on the right! The dark one in the middle is navy blue.

The two middle tops are smaller, thinking maybe for a Chelsea or Stacie. They are really cute. Then on the left is a cheerleader top and on the right a satin tank for a Barbie.

Two purple capris, a mauve skirt (that's homemade) and a denim dress. The lighter purple capris are really stiff fabric where the dark ones are spandex.

A beautiful aqua color dress in really good condition. The lace overlay is not torn or snagged. I can see dressing one of my dolls in this one. Anyone know which lovely this is from?

The most adorable soccer outfit! And it comes with it's own soccer ball! The shorts, coat, jersey, socks with shin guards and a compete pair of cleats. So cute!

And also in the bag I have some miscellaneous accessories. A Tony Hawk helmet (it kept flipping over so I had to hold it down) a baseball hat, a backpack and two complete pairs of shoes! There was also an adorable little doggie!

As I was looking at the tag on the dog, I see that it says "Only Hearts Club." 

I had never heard of Only Hearts Club so I was curious to see what kind of dolls they were.

Oh! I see an outfit! The jeans and the orange top and one pair of shoes go with the doll on the right. Only Hearts Club is a soft body doll with vinyl head, hands and feet. They are cute though.

Look what I found.
Apparently his name is Todd. Cute! Wish I had him for his outfit! 

I have bits and pieces of these Only Hearts Club dolls. I have my Stacie doll packed away so I cannot try them on her. I wonder if they will fit on Skipper? 

Also with this batch of clothes I got some homemade ones. Here are pants, a sweater and a dress. I think this is crochet, can anyone tell me? The white sweater is knit with snaps in the front. It's so soft and I think will look great on a doll.

Here are a couple more dresses. They are kind of crusty, I wonder if they were used for doilies or something. They are completely sewn together so I cannot get them on a doll.

And the last two dresses. The one on the bottom reminds me of a Scarlett O'Hara dress, not sure why!

Well that's all the clothing for today. I will have more in a couple of days. Does anyone have any information about Only Hearts Club? I've searched but cannot find any more pieces that go together, anyone have any other ideas? Anyone know how to clean crusty crochet? :) Let me know in the comments!

Until next time! 


BlackKitty said...

If the crochet was stiffened with starch or sugar, it should come off after a good soak and wash. I've seen OHC dolls here and there on many blogs but I don't know where one would find a database with all the releases.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I've seen Only Hearts Club outfits fit Ever After High dolls. Those were dresses, but you might still want to give your outfits a try. The stuff also fits J-Dolls, but I don't know if you have any of those, or Momokos or similar.

As an aside, Only Hearts Club was a retail toy line by Tonner.

Andrea said...

I recognize a couple of clothes.

The aqua princess dress belongs to the brunette Glitter Princess Barbie, 2007:

The pink floral Skirt might belong to Modern Princess Party Barbie, no release date, sorry:

This Modern Princess Party Doll might be the origin of the purple Skirt:

The striped knit dress came with Boutique Barbie 2002:

The Pants look like Bratz clothes to me.

The cute white blouse came with HSM Summer Time Gabriella:

Hope that helps a little.

Your Todd doll seems to be Max from the Movie Barbie in A Pony Tale:

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Like Black Kitty said, there doesn't seem to be a comprehensive database of all the Only Hearts Club dolls produced. There were dolls in basic outfits, with pets, produced, and then I remember a princess/mermaid line, some ballet or sports outfits like the one you have, and then separate outfits, complete with shoes and accessories and/or pets. There was a rock 'n' roll series, with the dolls dressed in performance costumes carrying an instrument; I think they all came with guitars. There was also a sleepover series, with dolls dressed in pajamas and including sleeping bags. There was also a little sister type doll very similar in looks to the old Kelly dolls. The little sister doll had a set where she was in pajamas and there was a little bathroom sink included to brush her teeth before bed. There was also a little playhouse made for the little girls, and a ballet/performance theater with seating for the big dolls. There was also a Horse and Pony Club series, with plush horses for the big girls, plush ponies for the little girls, riding attire both Western and English, and a few stable sets. Last but not least, there was also a line of Only Hearts Club Pets that were stuffed animals for the doll owner, kind of like Beanie Babies.

RagingMoon1987 said...

This might help you with information on Only Hearts Club dolls. They're great.

Mel Frizell said...

I loved the OHC dolls. I bought one once not sure what happened to her but I no longer have her.
The links in the above article no longer work. However I did find them on Amazon.
I enjoyed them being more girl like than Barbie. I love Barbie but Barbie is a woman, no longer a girl.

Another one I love are the groovy girls by Manhattan toy Company. I actually see these often and snatch them up.

Sadly I have not found any OHC dolls in my yard sale adventures. Though our toy store used to sell them so I know locally they were purchased!

Teresa Brown said...

WOW, thank you all everyone for your insightful comments!

BlackKitty - definitely going to try that, soak and wash. I'm sure the stiffness is starch.

Barb - unfortunately I'm strange, I don't undress my EAH dolls! lol! However....I do have Mirror Beach Apple, I think she would be a good candidate for one of the outfits. I'm going to have to try that. And thanks for all your info on the OHC dolls! I'm going to have to look some of these up. Especially the ones with the guitars. How adorable!

Andrea - your knowledge of outfits is so very much appreciated!! Thanks for the info on some of the dresses. I love Gabriella! What a beautiful doll, I might have to create her with one of my naked dolls.

RagingMoon - thanks for that link! I saw the mermaid one that Barb mentioned in her comment. In her post she also named all the OHC dolls. How cute are they?

Mel - I'm falling in love with them! They have such cute faces. I have a fondness for more girl-like dolls. Barbie to me is a woman, probably because of the chest! I have seen Groovy Girls. They remind me of Teeny Beanie Boppers by Ty. I have a couple of those. If I see some OHC I'm definitely going to get them. I'll also put my dad on the lookout. :)

Mel Frizell said...

Teresa, I have many of the Beanie Boppers too. All boxed up now. Not sure what my plans are for them yet.

Another thing I love about the GG line, with a little, just a bit, of imagination, you can pretty much find one that matches any little girl you know. Plus they make great gifts for toddlers, no eyes to pull off and choke on!

Then again you have seen my blog... My office could double as a doll store!

Anonymous said...

The purple checkered dress in the 5th photo is an Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle Doll and Pony dress! I collect those! Love 'em.