Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Wardrobe Expands! Part 2

Welcome to part two of my wardrobe fest! There are a few gems in here I'm really excited about so I'll mention those when we get to them. 

I'm not sure if all of them are genuine Barbie fashions but if you know where they came from, I'd love the ID's!

Here are some tops. The one on the left has an asymmetrical hem and a star on the left side. We know the blue one on the right is a Genuine Barbie fashion :)

A few more tops. A yellow halter top, a brown and aqua sleeveless and a flannel long sleeve. It's so soft and cozy, maybe I should pick myself up a flannel button down. 

A couple of jackets. I'm not sure if these are Barbie sized. If not Barbie then definitely Skipper.

Some really fun pants! I pair of teal pleather capris, a pair of white satin capris and two pairs of PJ pants, pink stripe jersey cotton and green heart flannel.

Two dresses with attached belt. The one on the left is in pretty good condition with the fabric not snagged at all. The one on the right has some fray.

Two skirts. The denim one is completely open in back. Barbie better be careful when she wears that one!

I know I've seen this swimsuit before but I can't seem to find it on google. And then another bikini bottom. I might have a top that would go well with that somewhere in the depths of my doll stash.

Okay, and these two things I am SUPER stoked about. These are clothes to fit the little Kelly dolls!

Do you know how extremely hard it is to find clothes for Kelly dolls? The only ones I can find online are usually handmade and the Genuine Barbie ones on eBay are going for such high prices. And if you look at Kelly dolls in the stores now, most don't have real clothes! They have a molded top and then the bottoms are actual cloth. What gives with that! No wonder Kelly clothes are in demand. 

The dress is not Genuine Barbie but i'm sure it would fit a Kelly. Or maybe not! Looks kind of small in comparison to the top. The blue top is Genuine Barbie and has a T on it. It took me a minute to figure out that it's probably T for Tommy. Which I have a naked one so now I have a shirt for him!

There were also some accessories in the bag. A faux fur scarf, a movie clacker, microphones and an iPod that has a picture of Hannah Montana on it.

So I was sure that some of the clothes were from Hannah Montana so this is what I came up with.

So I know I few of the items above came from this Secret Celebrity Pop Star doll but I was unable to find which doll the clacker and the iPod came from. 

And shoes! We love complete pairs of shoes. Here's the boots.

I've been needing a pair of cowboy boots and I love the black stiletto boots. I have some other yellow boots so those are meh.

And the shoes! I guess the black and silver could be classified as boots too. The little green ones might be for Kelly!

I just want to say how glad I am that Barbie has started coming out with some fancy shoes! I love the classic pumps but I do love the fun shoes that Monster High and Ever After High have. I'm glad Barbie has some fun shoes too.

And some randoms. I'll have to check my missing shoe bag to see if I have mates for those. I'm thinking no but you never know!

And, along with the Barbie clothes, there was also a small bag of Ken clothes too! Not that I have a whole ton of Ken but it's nice he gets a little bit of a wardrobe too. 

I put them together in outfits that I thought looked good together. Here are a couple of shirt and shorts combos. 

And then I found this. Beach Fun Ken. (Makes sense since his shirt says "Beach Fun.") Not the right shorts but oh well. I think I have some like this that would work.

Shirt, pants, a jacket and a backpack.  

The jacket is a bomber jacket. Love that. 

Some random shirts. I like the blue striped polo. 

In searching I also found this picture. Okay, so the blue shorts I put with the beach fun shirt go with the green one above. Beach Glam Ken.

And then we have some Ken shoes too! Complete pairs! And a nice plastic fedora. 

And now this.

More little clothes! For my Tommy doll! But these look about the same size as the dress, maybe too small for Tommy. The shirt has a tag.

I searched for Happy Family and I think this is the family (spin-off doll line) of Midge and Alan. Here's Alan and Ryan in the outfit!
That is so cute. So maybe the clothes will fit Tommy! Can anyone confirm?

That's all for the clothes. I got some great stuff! 

Do any of you have these clothes or know which dolls they came from? Anyone have any of the Happy Family dolls? Let me know in the comments!

Our next series is going to be really fun and does feature some Barbie goodness. Stay tuned!


BlackKitty said...

The swimsuit is from California Girl Teresa from 2004 (the series with regular high heel feet). The Barbie from that gang was my first genuine fashion doll.

Mel Frizell said...

Teresa, do you remember which Teresa had the purple streak in her hair? Did any of them? I thought I read about it here but can't find it now... must have been some place else!
she has the big feet too.
Glad to "see" you again!
hug to you and family

Andrea said...

Great Score, Teresa! Here is my ID attempt.

Pic 1:

The asymetrical top came with 2005 American Idol Tori:

The floral top is from a Fashion Fever closet.
The aqua top with the silver logo is from a Fashion Fever carded Fashion. It came with denim Shorts.

Pic 2:

The yellow top is from a Fashion Fever closet:

The flannel top is missing matching long pants and is a Karina outfit.

Pic 4:

The white pants are from this Fashion Fever closet:

The aqua pleather pants are from this Fashion Fever closet:

The striped PJ pants are from this Fashion Fever closet:

Pic 5: is the dress of a basic Hannah Montana doll. i only found a pic of the blue dressed doll:

Hope that helps.

I have the Happy Family dolls, getting the grandparents was a long hunt though. I'm glad I found them for a very, very good price at fleamarkets - the prices on ebay are totally ridiculous.

Teresa Brown said...

Wow, I can't believe that I never replied to these comments! Thank you ALL for your wonderful help on these. Andrea, so glad you got the grandparents of the Happy Family. I always thought it would be fun to have the whole family, kids, grandparents and all. But yes, they are ridiculous prices. I'll have to admire them in photos for the time being :)

Teresa Brown said...

And BlackKitty, THAT'S where I remember it from! Kind of a sentimental one for you I suppose, being your first fashion doll. You never forget the one that started it all and it makes them just that much more special.