Monday, October 2, 2017

Happy Halloween from Barbie and Kelly!

Welcome again friends!

I've been slowly going through all the old posts to repost the images (the ones that Photobucket held hostage), fix broken links, etc. It's been a gruling process but i'm getting through it. And surprisingly I've been having fun reading all the old posts. All my dolls have been boxed up for SO LONG I've forgotten what I've had. 

But...I am getting more dolly shelves! With some of my birthday money I'm going to make the trip to Home Depot to get more hardware so I can display the beautiful dolls I've had in storage. What fun! Pictures will be posted once I get those up.

As my last post mentioned we are going to see some little friends today! And since its the beginning of October, it's the perfect time to show. My mom found this at a garage sale and I fell in LOVE. 


This is the Happy Halloween Special Edition Barbie and Kelly Gift Set from 1996. How adorable is this???

We have the most beautiful Barbie. She wears an orange headband and white sweater with a kitty popping out of a Jack-O-Lantern. She also holds a flashlight. Safety first!

Now, for this adorableness. Kelly!

I squealed with delight when I saw this little Kelly. How cute is she in that little costume!

She even has a little trick or treat bag. She's all ready!

The back of the box had some fun goodies too like safety tips and cutouts you can hang for decorations.

One beef I have with the Kelly dolls now (or is it Chelsea?) is that they all have molded on tops. It is so frustrating. And I think it's hard to make clothes for Barbie. Can you even imagine the clothes for Kelly? And that teeny tiny seam allowance? Brutal!

And if you try to look for them on eBay they are way overpriced. So won't go that route. 

Remember way back when, I got a huge lot of Kelly dolls at the thrift store. They were all naked and some in bad shape but they needed me. You can check out my buncha Kelly post here!

Well, when I went to retrieve Belle for my project in the previous post, I dug out a couple of them. And dressed them in some of the clothes I got a while ago.

The shorts on Tommy are from the Heart Family dolls and are a little big. I had the Tommy shirt and if you stretch it over the waistband of the shorts, it seems to hold them up. The dress is a dead match for Kelly. 

Now I love the child "messy hair" look but they did need a bath. After bath, I had to take a picture of Tommy. His hair is sticking straight up! This gave me a good chuckle.

So this Tommy hair is really strange. It's only rooted up top. It makes it super hard to make the hair lay down properly. It wants to stick up and out. I also had to trim up some of the ends.

So after some hair spray and redressing, here they are again. I still need to put a rubber band back in Kelly's hair up top but they are so stinkin cute aren't they?

Cant' wait till I have more shelves to display them on. 

And that's all for today! Do you have the Halloween set shown in this post? Have a good place to get some Kelly clothes so I can dress the rest of the ones I have? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


Alexis said...

Hi Teresa!
I was browsing the web and came across your blog. It seems as though you collect Barbie dolls! I am looking to sell a couple dolls I have due to low storage space. One is the Special Edition Happy Holidays 1998 Christmas barbie by Mattel. The other is the 1998 Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Holiday Collection Princess Doll (third in the special edition series) with a bunny ornament. Both dolls have never been out of the box. Not sure if this is the kind of thing you are interested in and figured it's a long shot but thought I would ask just in case! Let me know if you're interested and want more information please reply to this comment, if you don't mind!Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kelly looks so cute in her costume, it's an adorable set! A good catch from your Mom!

Treesa said...

I'm not sure what your price range is for Kelly and/or Chelsea clothing, but have you tried Etsy? It's a website specializing in handmade and 'vintage' items, but these days the term 'vintage' seems to be pretty subjective. I've seen stuff on Ebay from the 1980s and 1990s labeled as 'vintage'. You can use Paypal on Etsy, if that helps at all.
Signed, Treesa

BlackKitty said...

Kelly is actually really cute and her costume is great! It's remarkable how different her face paint is from the adult dolls. If only they painted Barbie like this too...

Miss Missy said...

Very cute Halloween dolls.

Andrea said...

Kelly's pumpkin costume is adorable. Simba has a range of Kelly sized dolls and their clothes fit just fine. Maybe they have fashion sets for these dolls as well.

Teresa Brown said...

Hi All!

Alexis: Thank you for stopping by! I have all the holiday dolls and am not looking to buy any more at this time. But thanks for the offer!

Millicent: I just can't get over the cuteness!

Treesa: You know, not sure why I never thought of Etsy. I'm going to check there! There are some people who are amazing seamstresses, a TON better than I am :)

BlackKitty: I wish their face paint was the same. Kelly is just way too cute. Maybe more detail because she's smaller?

Andrea: Good to see you back! I'll have to check out the Simba line. And probably much cheaper than Mattel. :) I'm going to check that too!