Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Whole Bunch'a Kelly!

First off I'd like to start with a few updates to some of my dolls.

I fixed Ballerina Barbie's hair. This is the new one that I put in the ice blue skater outfit.

Remember the ice blocks I bought a few weeks ago? Well, they go very well with her and I think it's cute that she's sitting one one.

I switched the doll I had in the purple Fashionista dress and Barbie loves Buzz. This is the one previously in the Barbie loves Buzz dress.

She fits good with this directors chair. I didn't plan this but when I went in to take this photo the heel was hanging off of her toes. I think it's cute! Gives her a relaxed look.

This is the real Barbie loves Buzz doll. Her hair was trained to go into that side ponytail that the doll is manufactured with. She is a much better fit for this outfit.

Remember a long time ago when I found the boots for Glam Jet Paris Barbie?

I just had to put them on her but I didn't really have a dress to match. So here is what I came up with.

I think they look okay but I can find a much better dress to match. I don't currently have one so I'll keep looking.

Okay, time for this week's thrift store goodness!

What is in this adorable bag? (The bag is going to my niece. Super cute huh?)

Kelly Dolls!

Last week I mentioned that there were a ton of Kelly dolls in the mix. I didn't buy them because I can't dress them. This week I figured "what the heck? Let's do it!" At $2 for this (plus other goodies) I couldn't go wrong.

Lets check them out!

First off, I only picked the ones that had "Mattel" on the back. The only one that didn't is the one with green hair on the lower right. She had generally the same face and body type but I loved the uniqueness of it!

Here are some of the ones that are a little different. Please help me identify them if you can!

These have a heart on the tummy and the open mouth reminds me of baby dolls that have a space for a bottle or pacifier.

The middle one has no heart. Just the way I organized them, Sorry ;)
These two have a lever in the back and I think it moves their arms.

This is the only one with cute little freckles.

Tommy? or Kelly with cut hair?

These three have different colored hair than the rest.

I also threw these dolls in the mix. They said Mattel but I have no idea what dolls they are or if they are even from the Barbie line.

These seem like more of a "baby" than Kelly. They have bigger bodies than Kelly and are rather heavy for a doll of their size.

On the backs they are stamped with "1979 Mattel Inc. Indonesia"

These are stamped with Mattel on the bottom of their feet. They remind me of McDonalds Happy Meal Barbies.

This one is a "Simba" brand. Oops, but she's still cute.

Two other goodies I threw in the Kelly mix.

A Barbie Magic Wand. It looks like a horse which makes me think it's a toy from the "Magic of Pegasus" line.

It lights up!

It's not damaged at all so that is a score. It will look great with some of my princess dolls.

And snowman pants!

Any help is always greatly appreciated! I will leave you with this final picture. I have a Kelly doll that I bought years ago.

Little Surfer Lorena. I love surfing and I had her displayed in my dorm room in college along with my other surfing decor. She was a great addition and I love her!

~Kelly Crazy!~


Andrea said...

The ice cubes look very cute as display props.

The directors chair and Barbies dress are a perfect color match and she looks very relaxed - probably memorizing her lines before shooting.

Neat substitute dress for Glam Jet Barbie. I'm sure you'll come across her original on sooner or later.

The bag is very lovely, I'm sure your niece will love it.

Oh boy, what a Kelly invasion, lol. The green hair looks cool and I most likely would have grabbed her too. I don't mind an occasional clone doll, as long as it looks good. I'm not very good with identifying Kellys, but here is a link to a website with lots of Kelly information, lots of Barbie and friends too:

The Kelly dolls with the hearts on their tummy are 1996 Potty Training Kelly dolls. They came with a drinking bottle, Diapers, a little toilet and a little sink.

The ones with the levers: the one in pigtails is Eating Fun Kelly, around 1997 or 1998 - she came with a magnetized spoon, that made her head move towards or away from it, a high chair and food. Her Head is very loose due to the mechanism. If the other one has a middle part rooting for pigtails, she is probably 1996 Bathtime Fun Kelly. While Eating Fun Kelly is pretty easy to identify due to her mechanism, there were a couple of Kellys that came with the back lever, e.g. Buggy Fun Kelly, Bathtime Fun Kelly.

No idea on the freckled cutie.

The first one is a Tommy, but the second doll is a Kelly.

No idea on the next three Kelly friends.

The bigger babyish dolls are made from the same mold like the 70s Rosebud Babies by Mattel. The Mold was also used for the 80s Heart Family Babies and their friends. After the Heart Family was discontinued the mold was used for a couple of Li'l Friends and the mold was also used for the pupils of 1995 Teacher Barbie. The brunette one might be the girl from the Teacher Barbie set.

Hm, maybe the small ones belong to a dollhouse for younger girls, they might be Happy Meal Toys as well. I don't collect these, so my knowledge on those is close to zero.

The Simba doll is called Evi Love. Their hair usually is one rotten mess. Yours looks pretty good. They come with the cutest accessories in Kelly size like tricycles, furniture and a totally cool play kitchen.

That is the Magic Wand that came with the 2005 Princess Annika Barbie from Pegasus.

The pants are from 2003 Christmas Morning Barbie, here is a pic:

Surfer Lorena is super cute and she has articulated legs too, big plus.

Forestminuet said...

Wow, there sure are a lot of Kelly dolls! It's impossible to identify them. I think they will all be called Kelly. :) I have another one with a loose head that doesn't have a lever in the back. I wonder if she is an eating Kelly too. I love the little bathtime Kelly. Now I want the whole set, lol. I might try to get some water in the potty Kelly's and see if they work.

I tried the magic eraser on Tori's nose and didn't work. I still need to get some Clearasil cream and try that.