Friday, February 9, 2018

Ever After High Collection Finale!

Welcome Friends!

I figured since my vintage extravaganza is complete, it was time to start on completing my Ever After High collection! EAH is done and no one even thought that the Back to School dolls would be available (online only on Amazon, not even on the Mattel website and certainly not in stores.) So it's safe to say that this line of dolls is over and done with. There were 4 left that I needed and since they seem to be going up in price, now is the time to get them before I can't anymore. :)

This is one I bought at Target quite some time ago. She was on sale/clearance and I picked her up. Meet the fabulous Gillian Beanstalk!

Gillian is the daughter of Jack in the Beanstalk (obviously!) and she is listed as a rebel although she loves adventure and bravery, traits she gets from her father. 

Gillian's doll stays pretty true to her webisode form which is awesome conisdering some of the dolls are very very different. 

She has an awesome curl and a braid in her hair with a flower "crown"

I love the green accents in her hair. A little smashed from being in the box but it's kept its shape well!

I love her glitter long vest. The shade of green is awesome. The only differences between the webisode and the doll is the pink undershirt has a design on it and the necklace and flower crown is a vine that intertwines with her braid. I can see how that would be problematic in a doll version and you don't see the undershirt anyway so that's fine. 

Check out this ADORABLE purse! With the little bean sprout in it? Just too cute!

And I also love this gauntlet she wears. True to the webisode form!


I love these. Her webisode shoes, the ankle vines are painted lime green like her hair, the fronts are painted dark green like her vest and the rest are gold. But I just love the details on them!

And how about them tights? :)

It would be a pretty difficult repaint. I DID however repaint my Courtly Jester doll but I think for now I'll leave them. I might be inspired later (MUCH later since I have a newborn coming!) 

She is a shorter doll, as tall as the wonderlandians and does NOT come with a doll stand or brush. The brush I don't care about but the stand! Why oh why Mattel did you get rid of the stands! I'm using the stand from Hunter Huntsman, he doesn't need a stand but she sure does! Plus it stands her up a little taller so she matches the other dolls. :)

So friends, what do you think of cutie Jillian? Planning on (or already) added her to your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Another one coming shortly! Until then!


Mel Frizell said...

I like Jillian.
I have a tote of dolls to go through and I know I saw at least 1 EAH in there.
Possibly more! I buy bulk from a local girl who just wants to get rid of stuff. As well as yard/garage/estate sales and ebay.
I have some fun goodies coming up too!

Teresa Brown said...

Yay, love fun goodies! Excited to see which EAH you got.

Mel Frizell said...

I have a lot to show case if I can figure out why suddenly WP decided every other picture is too big...

Sathya Resorts said...

Nice post. Interesting images. Thanks for sharing the post